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Graphics Configuration; Dmi Configuration; Nb Pcie Configuration; Memory Configuration - Asus H81M-PLUS User Manual

H81m-plus user's manual
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Graphics Configuration

Allows you to select a primary display from iGPU, and PCIe graphical devices.
Primary Display [Auto]
Allows you to select which of the iGPU/PCIE Graphics device should be the Primary
Display. Configuration options: [Auto] [iGPU] [PCIE]
iGPU Memory [Auto]
Allows you to select the amount of system memory allocated to DVMT 5.0 used by the
iGPU. Configuration options: [Auto] [32M] [64M] [96M] [128M] [160M] [192M] [224M]
[256M] [288M][320M] [352M] [384M] [416M] [448M] [480M] [512M] [1024M]
Render Standby [Auto]
Allows you to enable or disable Intel
iGPU power use when the system is idle. Configuration options: [Auto] [Disabled]
iGPU Multi-Monitor [Disabled]
Set this item to [Enabled] to empower both integrated and discrete graphics for
multiple-monitor output. The iGPU shared system memory size will be fixed at 64MB.
Configuration options: [Disabled] [Enabled]

DMI Configuration

Allows you to control various DMI functions.
DMI Gen 2 [Auto]
Allows you to enable or disable DMI Gen 2. Configuration options: [Auto] [Enabled]

NB PCIe Configuration

Allows you to configure the NB PCI Express settings.
PCIEX16_1 Link Speed [Auto]
Allows you to configure the PCIEX16_1 speed. Configuration options: [Auto] [Gen1]
DMI Link ASPM Control [Auto]
Allows you to enable or disable the control of Active State Power Management on SA
side of the DMI Link. Configuration options: [Auto] [Disabled] [L0s] [L1] [L0sL1]
PEG - ASPM [Disabled]
Allows you to control ASPM support for the PEG Device. The setting takes no effect if
PEG is not the active device at present. Configuration options: [Disabled] [Auto] [ASPM
L0s] [ASPM L1] [ASPM L0sL1]

Memory Configuration

Memory Scrambler [Enabled]
Allows you to enable or disable Memory Scrambler support.
Memory Remap [Enabled]
Allows you to enable or disable remapping the memory above 4GB.
Graphics Render Standby support to reduce
Enables the function.
Disables this function.

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Table of Contents

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