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Safety Information - AEG FM 4500GR-A Instruction Book

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This grill is designed for use in a
normal household. If used in any
other way there could be a risk of
Keep an eye on children when the
appliance is in use. Never let chil-
dren touch or play with the control
Never leave the appliance unattend-
ed when grilling or melting fat,
paraffin wax or other easily ignited
substances. Never leave paper, dish
cloths, aluminium foil or any other
easily ignited materials in the imme-
diate vicinity of the grill. The grill
gets hot enough to ignite flammable
materials. In case of fire, turn off all
knobs and switch off any cooker
Put out the fire with a lid, and
never use water.
Check that the grill is turned off
when not in use.

Safety Information

Cleaning and Maintenance
For hygienic and safety reasons the
grill must be kept clean. Grease
splashes and spilt food may smoke
when heated and could cause a fire.
NOTE: the grill rack, lava rocks and
heating elements
will stay hot for a long time after
you have turned off the heat.
Servicing and repair must be per-
formed by our service organisation
or an organisation approved by us.
Only spare parts supplied by our
organisation may be used.
Help prevent accidents when dispos-
ing of the product. Remove the cable
from the wall plug and cut off the
cable close to the product.
The product may only be installed
by an authorised electrician or a per-
son authorised by the manufacturer.
Work carried out by unqualified per-
sons can lead to personal injury
and/or damage to property and may
spoil the grill. During installation
make sure the electricity cable is not



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