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AEG FM 4500GR-A Instruction Book page 21

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Mounting more than one hob
Distance to wall:
Min. 150 mm
(flammable material)
Reinforcement beam
Cutting out
The measurement of the selected combination is calculated in the following way:
Depth: 490 mm
1. Calculate the sum of all units' width.
2. Subtract 20 mm from the total width.
A hob of 720 mm + a downdraft of 180 mm + a gas hob of 360 mm.
1. 720+180+360= 1260 mm
2. Width of the hole: 1260-20=1240 mm
Distance to Wall:
Min. 150 mm to flammable material.
Min. 50 mm to non-flammable material
Distance to wall:
Min. 50 mm
( non-flammable material )



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