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AEG 130 FG-m Instruction Book

Grill / fryer design "domino"
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130 FG-m


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  • Page 1 INSTRUCTION BOOK 130 FG-m 949600689...
  • Page 2 Congratulations from AEG Dear Customer, Congratulations with your new Hob. It is important that you become familiar with the functions and features of the Hob. You should therefore read these operating instructions as they will help you get the most out of your new Hob.
  • Page 3 Table of contents Contents Page no For the user For the installer How to read the operating instructions: 1... 2...Step by step Hint and tips Safety information Environmental information...
  • Page 4: Important To Know

    Important to know The hob unit is intended for ordinary the cleaning agents used. household cooking purposes. Any other use can result in damage to the The appliance is not intended for use unit as well as personal injury. by young children or infirm persons without supervision.
  • Page 5 That the safety rules in the instructions frying receptacle. The filter dome have not been complied with. must face upwards when in position. That repair has been made by others than an authorised service technician. Wash the grill grid, place it on the grill The unoriginal spare parts have been and turn on the grill (step 12).
  • Page 6 Please keep children out of reach!! Remember that the grid, the lava block, the heating elements and the frying oil remain searing hot for a long period after you have turned off the appliance. Never pour water into hot frying-oil. If the frying oil catches fire, turn off the extractor hood.
  • Page 7: Description Of The Product

    Description of the product Steel cover Frying basket Max oil level Heating elements for grill Min oil level Control lamp Heating element for fryer Control knob...
  • Page 8: How To Use

    How to use Operation of the grill Control knob for grill. The grilling temperature is adjustable. Kontrolleuchte für die Kombi-Grill "0" The grill is switched off 190˚ "1" is on low setting 170˚ "9" is on high setting Control lamp The control lamp is activated as long as the grill switch is turned on.
  • Page 9 Frying Make sure the heating element is positioned at the bottom. Oil is poured into the frying container. The “Min” mark must be observed. This corresponds to an oil content of 1,5 liters. Maximum amount of oil in the container is 3,5 litres. The grill elements stay turned down and the fryer may be switched on at the desired temperature setting.
  • Page 10: Overheating Protection

    Overheating protection Overheating protection during any overheating of the oil at the fryer will switch the inserted overheating protection off the friteuse. Customer service for the remedy of the disturbance contacts. Steel lid for the fryer When using the combi-grill as a fryer you can place the steel lid on top of the frying container, it will shorten the preheating time.
  • Page 11: Maintenance And Cleaning

    Maintenance and cleaning The heating elements and the oil will stay hot for a long time after the combi-grill has been turned off. Never pour water into the hot oil as the water will start boiling. Splashguard The splashguard can be removed to make it easier to clean the surface.
  • Page 12: Stainless Steel Surfaces

    Stainless steel surfaces brush. Perform daily cleaning with a slightly The fryer damp cloth. For more severe soiling, use a liquid scouring cream. Always You can leave the oil in the container clean the steel in the direction of the from time to time.
  • Page 13 Draining of the oil 1. Remove the safety shield from the drain cock. 2. Place a bowl under the drain cock. Make sure the bowl is large enough to hold the oil in the container. 3. Open the drain cock and let the oil run into the bowl.
  • Page 14: Technical Date

    Technical date Element voltage 240 V Electrical connections 240 V, 1 phase, neutral + earth Total power consumption 2300 W This unit is labelled to indicate conformity with the low voltage directive ( 73/23/EEC ) and the EMC directive ( 89/336/EEC ).
  • Page 15 Mounting The hob unit can be mounted in any type of kitchen with a table surface whose thickness is between 28 mm and 40 mm. Fixing Unscrew the fixing brackets just enough so they may be turmed. Fasten the brackets to the worktop with a screw driver.
  • Page 16 Mounting of attachment fitting on the sides of the combi-grill If the appliance is mounted in a 270 X 490 mm cutout, or if for other reasons there is no room for the side attachments, these should be removed before the appliance is set into the worktop.
  • Page 17 The units externally measured length 145 mm: Cooker hood 290 mm: Two-burner ceramic-top electric hob Two-burner gas hob Grill Fryer Combi grill 580 mm: Four-zone ceramic-top electric hob Four-burner gas hob 725 mm: Four-zone ceramic-top electric hob...
  • Page 18: Electrical Installation

    Electrical installation The electrical installation must only be made by a certified electrician. The electrical installation must be made according to prevailing regulations for heavy current installations and comply with local public regulations. No attempt must be made to tamper with the electrical parts of the unit.
  • Page 19: Service And Spare Parts

    If the combi-grill does not function Check to see whether a fuse has by an alternative service organisation, blown. approved by the distributor. Only spare parts delivered by the distributor may Check to see whether the relay is be used. Spare parts and service are the switched off.
  • Page 20: Tips On Grilling

    Tips on grilling elements are preheated for Use of the grill approximately 5 minutes on step 12, The numbers 1-12 are temperature the meat will get heat from the water settings. From 1-11 the heating is and become juicy. When fat drips increased and regulated automatically.
  • Page 21 Foods Heat setting Cooking time in minutes...
  • Page 22: Tips On Frying

    Tips on frying Select the desired temperature and wait for the fryer lamp to go out. The oil is now at the desired temperature. NB!! Remember that moist foodstuff should be dried before frying (ie. seafood, vegetables, fruit, fish). After frying the basket is lifted out and carefully shaken to remove excess oil (the basket may be hung on the fixing...
  • Page 23 Foods Amount Temperature Time min.
  • Page 24 Food residue left in the oil must be side and switch on the fryer. After a removed before the fryer is used again few minutes the oil is once again hot because of fire risk! enough and the chips may be fried until they are crispy.
  • Page 25 AEG EURO-LINE APPLIANCES LENGTH OF WARRANTY: EURO-LINE WILL PAY FOR: Replacement parts and/or labour to TWO YEAR FULL WARRANTY repair defects in materials or from original date of purchase, workmanship. Service must be provided including parts and labour, to the...
  • Page 26 EURO-LINE APPLIANCES WILL NOT PAY WHEN THE FOLLOWING OCCURS: 1. Damage resulting from fires, acts of God, alteration, improper installation, or installation not in accordance with local building codes. 2. Pickup or delivery of major appliances requiring service. The appliances are designed to be repaired in the home.
  • Page 27 Service and Repair To save you time and money please have the following information ready in case you have to call for service: Name of the dealer from which you purchased the appliance ______________ Model number (shown on the rating plate) __________________ Serial number (shown on the rating plate) __________________ Date of purchase __________________ You should also retain the original purchase receipt to support any claim made...
  • Page 29 PLEASE RETURN THIS PORTION WARRANTY CARD PRODUCT: __________________________________ PURCHASER: ________________________________ Name: ________________________--______________ Address: _________________________--____________ City: _______________- Prov.: __________________ Postal Code: ______________ Signature: ________________________-___________ Purchase Date: _________ Invoice No.: ____________ Purchased from: ______________________________ RETURN THIS FOR VALIDATION _________________________ EURO-LINE APPLIANCES 2150 Winston Park Drive - Unit 20 Oakville, ON L6H 5V1 _________________________...

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