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AEG FM 4500GR-A Instruction Book page 22

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When mounting several hobs together you must use a reinforcement beam
between each hob as well as the silicone supplied with the hobs (see fig.)
1. Cut a hole of the calculated size in the table top
2. Place the individual hobs upside down on a mat. Take care that the top side is
not scratched.
3. Mount the clamping fittings in the holes in the side of the base panels (see
4. Place the first hob in the hole.
5. Apply silicone to the two corners joining the next hob (see fig.)
Use only the silicone supplied with the hobs as this is intended to tolerate the
high temperatures of the appliance.
6. Push a reinforcement beam up against the hob. Apply silicone on the rein-
forcement beam (see fig.)
7. Tighten the clamping fittings to the table top using a screwdriver.
8. Repeat the process for the other hobs.



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