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AEG FM 4500GR-A Instruction Book page 23

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To optimise joints between the installed hobs, the gap between the ceramic hob
may be grouted with silicone:
1. Remove the aluminium panels from the hobs.
2. Apply a stripe of silicone to the gap between the two ceramic hob. Use only
the silicone supplied, as it is designed to tolerate the appliance's high temper-
ature. (Fig. 1)
3. Splash a little soapy water (washing-up liquid) on the silicone stripe
4. Press the rubber block hard against the ceramic hob and pull it slowly from
back to front (Fig. 2)
5. Leave the silicone to harden until the next day.
6. Remove surplus silicone coating from the ceramic hob with the razorblade
supplied. Be careful not to damage the silicone in the gap. Run tools only
along the joint, never across it.
7. Polish the ceramic hob with the supplied cleaning product for ceramic hobs.



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