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How To Use It; Grill; Touch Controls - AEG FM 4500GR-A Instruction Book

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Never turn the grill on
before the grill pan has been
put in and the grill rack is in
place. Never leave the appli-
ance unattended when
grilling or melting fat, paraf-
fin wax or other easily ignit-
ed substances.
Never leave paper, dish
cloths, aluminium foil or
any other easily ignited
materials in the immediate
vicinity of the grill. The grill
gets hot enough to ignite
flammable materials. In case
of fire, turn off all control
knobs and switch off any
cooker hood. Put out the fire
with a lid, and never use
water. Check that the grill is
turned off when not in use.

Touch controls

The sensor fields have to be touched
for at least 1 second before they are
How to use



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