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Grilling; Useful Tips; After Grilling - Miele CSGP 1300 Operating Instructions Manual

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^ Then place the griddle on the frame.
Pins c on the frame cannot be
slotted into holes d. See illustration.


^ Switch the grill on.
^ Pre-heat the griddle for approx. 10
minutes at setting "12".
^ Turn the food once or more during
When grilling, keep an eye on the
level of water in the trough. If
necessary, add more water.

Useful tips

– Dab wet food with kitchen paper to
absorb surplus moisture and avoid
– To prevent food drying out, do not
season with salt until after it has
been cooked.
– Marinating often improves the flavour
of food to be grilled.
– Only use fats and oils which can be
heated to high temperatures.
– Brush unmarinated food with a little
oil, or brush the griddle with oil.

After grilling

^ Switch the grill off.
^ Let the griddle cool down to a safe
temperature for handling it before
taking it off the grill. Use the handle
supplied for lifting it.
^ Clean the griddle and the frame with
a solution of warm water and a little
washing-up liquid applied with a soft
sponge. Soak to remove heavy
soiling, and then scrub clean with a


Table of Contents

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