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Using The Griddle; To Prepare The Grill - Miele CSGP 1300 Operating Instructions Manual

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Using the griddle

Food can be cooked on either the
ribbed or the smooth side of the
We recommend the ribbed side for
meat that is not coated in
breadcrumbs, and the smooth side for
all other types of food.
The lava rock container must be
removed when the griddle is being
used, and the grill trough filled with
The grill has 2 heating elements which
can be switched on and regulated
independently. Both elements can be
used together when grilling large
quantities of food. For smaller
quantities, the front element can be
used to grill the food whilst the rear
element can be used to keep food
warm at setting 3.
Never place the griddle on the grill
rack or directly onto the heating
elements to grill. The griddle must
be only used in the frame supplied.

To prepare the grill

^ Remove the grill rack (or racks,
depending on model), raise the
heating elements and remove the
lava rock container if necessary.
^ Check that there is enough water in
the grill trough. The grill trough must
be filled up to mark a:
Approx. 2.5 litres for the CS 1312,
approx. 4.0 litres for the CS 1322.
^ Lower the heating elements again.
^ Place frame b over the grill, with
pins c facing upwards.


Table of Contents

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