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Miele CSGP 400 User Manual

Combiset griddle
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CSGP 400
Plancha de cocina Combiset
Combiset griddle
Combiset Grillplaat
Base para Grill - Combiset
Ïëacòèía äëÿ ãpèëÿ Kîìáè-ceò
Kombi ýzgara Tablasý
M.-Nr. 05 094 154



Summary of Contents for Miele CSGP 400

  • Page 1 CSGP 400 Combiset-Grillplatte Plancha de cocina Combiset Combiset griddle Combiset Grillplaat Base para Grill - Combiset Ïëacòèía äëÿ ãpèëÿ Kîìáè-ceò Kombi ýzgara Tablasý Combiset-grillplatta M.-Nr. 05 094 154...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Accessories for the KM 410 / KM 411 Open Grill ......16 Correct use ............17 Before using for the first time .
  • Page 3: Accessories For The Km 410 / Km 411 Open Grill

    Accessories for the KM 410 / KM 411 Open Grill Griddle, ridged side Griddle, smooth side Removable handle for carrying the griddle...
  • Page 4: Correct Use

    Correct use Before using for the first time The griddle must only be used in Note: conjunction with the KM 410 / KM 411 Open Grill. Keep these instructions in a safe place and pass them on to any future user. The grill trough must always be filled with water when using the grill.
  • Page 5: Operation

    Operation Before grilling: ^ Take off the rack or the griddle, lift up Before each use the heating element, and take the lava rock container out of the grill Either the smooth side or ridged side of the griddle can be used for grilling trough.
  • Page 6: Grilling

    Grilling Grilling on the griddle Procedure: Food Setting ^ We recommend pre-heating the Keeping cooked food heating element at setting "12" for warm approx. 10 minutes. ^ Grill the food for a few minutes at the Steaming fruit, e.g. apple slices, peach halves, highest setting.
  • Page 7: Cleaning And Care

    Cleaning and care After grilling ^ The griddle must be cleaned after Procedure: each use with warm water and a little ^ Switch the grill off. washing up liquid. It must then be thoroughly dried. Stubborn deposits ^ Clean the appliance after each use may need to be wetted first to loosen while it is still warm to the touch.