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Maytag 4348178 Use And Care Manual

Electric built-in.
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Copy Your Model and Serial Numbers
Model and Serial numbers are on a
plate, behind the oven door, on the
front frame. If you call for service, or
with a question, have this information
Keep this book, your installation guide,
the sales
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PART NO. 4348178 (336326)
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  • Page 1

    If you call for service, or Model No.: with a question, have this information ready. Serial No. : Keep this book, your installation guide, your warranty the sales slip Purchase Date: together. PART NO. 4348178 (336326)

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    ....3,4 CLEANING AND CARE .... . l l-15 SAFETY RULES Oven Cleaning ..11,12 ....5-7 HOW TO USE YOUR OVEN ..Cleaning Chart ....Removable Oven Doors ....Clock and Oven Controls ....5,6 Removable Oven Racks ....Oven Light ......

  • Page 3: Safety Rules

    IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS Read the Safety Rules below and all operating instructions before using this appliance. Never heat unopened food containers. Pressure Keep this manual for later use. build-up may make container burst and cause c Be sure your oven is installed and grounded injury.

  • Page 4

    SELF-CLEANING OVEN ONLY Never touch oven heating elements or Interior sur- faces of oven. Heating elements and nearby areas Always take the oven racks, the broiler pan and may be hot enough to burn you even though they other pots and pans out of the oven before a self are dark in color.

  • Page 5: How To Use Your Oven

    UPPER OVEN The upper oven IS operated through the Electronic Oven Control (shown above) You can bake or broil In the upper oven. You can also program bake times Into the Electronic Oven Control (see To Use Tlmed Oven/Delay Start). TO BAKE: Push BAKE button.

  • Page 6

    TO USE TIMED OVEN/DELAY START Push BAKE button. 6. Set desired temperature wrth SET knob. Put the food in the oven and program your Electronrc Range Control to 7. When STOP TIME is reached, the end of cycle tone will sound and turn the oven on and off.

  • Page 7: Oven Light

    OVEN LIGHT TONES The oven light switch is located on the left side of the control panel. See page 16 for more information. End of Cycle Tone (3 long beeps one second on, one second off): shows that a timed oven operation has reached STOP TIME or that the Timer OVEN VENT has counted down.

  • Page 8: Cooking Hints

    USING FOIL RACK AND PAN ARRANGEMENT Put oven rack(s) rn place before turnrng on the oven. Rack posttrons are For Baking numbered 1 to 4, starting al the bottom of number 1. In general, when usfng only one rack, posrtron No 2 should be used. When ustng two racks, To catch spillovers, cut a piece of foil slightly larger than the pan and turn posftrons No.

  • Page 9: Broiling Tips

    Most foods can be broled on the HI settrng Select fhe LO brorl senlng BROILING TIPS lo avoid excessive browning or dr 1ng of foods thal should be cooked to Your oven door should be open to the stop position whfle broiling the well done stage (such as thlc pork chops or poultry) The closer the lood !s to the broil element the faster the meal browns on...

  • Page 10: Choosing Oven Cookware

    OVEN COOKWARE Absorbs heat fasler than glass or steel and conducts heat well. Produces delicate brownmg. lender crust. and Aluminum reduces spattering of roasts. Besl for cakes, muffins, quick breads, cookies, and roasting. Because this cookware absorbs heal quickly and holds il well, you should lower your oven temperature 25oF.

  • Page 11: Oven Cleaning

    THE SELF-CLEAN CYCLE (upper oven only) DO NOT use commercral oven cleaners or oven protectors In or near lhe Remove the broil pan and gnd, oven-racks. all ulensrls and any forI oven These products plus Ihe hrgh lremperalure 01 Ihe clean cycle may that may be rn the oven If oven racks are left rn the range during a damaoe the porcelarn lrnrsh clean cycle, they...

  • Page 12

    TO STOP A CLEAN CYCLE: TO SET A CLEAN CYCLE Press the OVEN CANCEL button The self-cleaning cycle preprogramed for 3112 hours. You can also set Walt until the oven has cooled below the lockrng temperature (20-30 the electronrc oven control for a delayed start of the clean cycle. mrnutes) and the word LOCK IS OH In the Electronrc Range Control jrsptay Strde the door handle lett to unlock the door You WI/ no1 be able to...

  • Page 13

    CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS PART Wash control panel wrlh soap and water. Do not use Control Panel abrasrve cleaners. Wash wrlh soap and waler. A chrome cleaner may be Cl;;3i$e Finishes: used. permanently damage glass. To help prevent a brown Wash wrth a soapy damp cloth Remove stubborn soil Glass wrlh a paste of baking soda and waler or ammonia and resrdue from formrng on the oven window the next time...

  • Page 14: Cleaning Chart

    REMOVABLE OVEN DOOR(S) (24” wide units) The oven door can be removed for cleaning. To remove: 1. Open the door to the stop positron (see rllustratron) Grasp the door at each srde and lift up and off the hinges. See the cleaning chart on page 13. NOTE: When the door is removed and hinge arms are at stop position, do not bump or try to move the hinge arms.

  • Page 15: Removable Oven Racks

    REMOVABLE OVEN RACKS (27” wide units) REMOVABLE OVEN RACKS AND GUIDES (24” wide units) Be careful not lo scratch the oven finish when installing or removing the oven rack. Be sure not to scratch the oven finish when installing or removing oven To install: racks.

  • Page 16: Replacing The Oven Light

    REPLACING THE OVEN LIGHT (Some Models) Do not touch oven bulb when hot, wrth wet hands, or wipe oven light area with wet cloth Unplug or drsconnect the eleclncal supply to range before removing Never touch the electrically live metal collar on the bulb when replac- ing it.

  • Page 17: Adjusting Oven Temperature

    ADJUSTING OVEN TEMPERATURE Hold the knob handle (A on Illustration) while turning the knob skirt (I3 on Illustration) in the desired dIrection As you turn you should The lemperature in your new over, has been set correctly at the lactory, able to hear clrcks and feel notches or teeth...

  • Page 18: Preventing Service Calls

    OVEN/BROILER SMOKING IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM Save lime and money - check this list before you call for service. Brorler pan full of grease left in range from the last time you brorled To elfmfnate unnecessary service calls, first read all the instructions in this food.

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