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Assembly Instructions - ProSpot Fitness P-50 Owner's Manual

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Assembly Instructions for ProSpot Fitness® P-50
Before assembly, choose a safe location for your ProSpot Fitness® P-50. The ProSpot
Fitness® P-50 has a footprint of approximately 6'x 6'. The barbell is approximately 6'-6"
long. Locate your ProSpot Fitness® P-50 away from any source of water. Do not allow
any liquid to be near the machine or spilled on any electrical part. Do not insert any object
into the electrical box.
Approximate assembly time is 1/2 hour.
A flat area of 6' x 8' will be required to assemble and properly use the ProSpot Fitness®
Enclosed you will find the following tools:
3 mm Allen Wrench
4 mm Allen Wrench
6 mm Allen Wrench
9/16" Allen Wrench
You will need the following tools and a helper to complete the assembly:
16 mm Hex Head Wrench
18 mm Hex Head Wrench
Floor Padding, such as cardboard, to avoid scratching your floor during assembly.
A good pair of scissors will be helpful in separating the parts from one another while
removing them from the cartons.
HAND TIGHTEN all bolts. DO NOT fully tighten bolts until instructed to do so.
Before assembly, separate and identify the right-sided parts from the left-sided parts.
These parts are easily distinguished by the manner in which the pre-drilled holes align with
corresponding parts, or are identified by "L " & "R" stickers.
The ProSpot Fitness® P-50 uses different lengths of bolts. Be careful to use the correct
length of bolt called for at each step of assembly. Refer to the sizing charts provided.
WARNING: Never perform any maintenance on the ProSpot Fitness®
P-50 while the Power Supply is plugged into the wall !!!
service on the unit,
RESET the Computer
the power supply from the Electronic Box, wait 30 seconds and plug back in. Resetting the
Computer allows it to recalibrate and work to its greatest efficiency.
After the initial set up of the system or after performing any
on your ProSpot system before using it. Just unplug
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