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ProSpot Fitness P-50 Owner's Manual page 10

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6. Locking the barbell in place: When you are finished with using the barbell, open your hands to
remove your fingertips from the Touch Sensor Strip at the same continue to support the barbell
with your palms. (Make sure no other skin contact is being made with the Touch Sensor Strip.)
Slowly lower the barbell until it locks into position. There is a locking position every 1". Now
remove your palms from the barbell. The barbell is now locked and ready for your next
7. Always maintain control of the movement of the barbell. Do not allow the barbell to swing
against the machine frame, as this may cause damage to the finish. Do not attempt to throw or
slam the barbell attached to the cables, as this may result in damage to the locking mechanism.
Intentional misuse of the P-50 will void any and all warranties.
Once familiar with the Grab and Go® operation, you can now begin using the barbell with weight
8. Position Spot Blocks for the desired exercise. (Refer to #2 above.)
9. Make certain the barbell is level before loading weight plates. Level the barbell by raising up
one end of the barbell until it is level. (The P-50 is equipped with a ratcheting feature that
allows the barbell to be manually raised from side-to-side.) Or, level the barbell by grasping it
with both hands, making sure the fingertips make contact with the touch sensor strip. Lift the
barbell upward about 1" to release it from the locking mechanism and place it in a level
position. Once the barbell is level, open your hands to lock it in place. Load weights evenly
on both sides of the barbell.
10. Secure all weight plates with a spring clip or locking collar. You are now ready to begin your
free-weight exercise routine.
11. Perform your exercise following the steps outlined in #2-6 above.
12. Before removing the weight plates from the barbell, make sure it is in a level position.
13. Never attempt to lift more weights than you can safely handle. Never put more than 350
pounds on the barbell.
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