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ProSpot Fitness PC-1000 Owner's Manual

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rM Modet Pc-tooo
Owners Manual
1) Assembly Instructions/Illustrations
2) Use and Operation of PnoSYor/itnessrM Product
3) Maintenance of your PnoSrory'tzessrM Product
4) Warranty Information
5) Parts List



  Summary of Contents for ProSpot Fitness PC-1000

  • Page 1 rM Modet Pc-tooo Pno$PoWness Owners Manual 1) Assembly Instructions/Illustrations 2) Use and Operation of PnoSYor/itnessrM Product 3) Maintenance of your PnoSrory'tzessrM Product 4) Warranty Information 5) Parts List Serial#: ilillili ililil ililtililril 34504D00044PC-1000...
  • Page 2 Table of Contents Assemblylnstructions...1-5 Use and Operation of Your PROSPOUtnessrM Product...,..6-7 Periodic Maintenance of your PROSPOffrnessrM Product......8 Warranty Information..9 Parts List..10...
  • Page 3: Step # 1: Main Frame Assembly

    Do not insert any object into the electrical box. Approximate assembly time is 1/2 hours. A flat area of 8' x 8'will be required to assemble and properly use the PROSPOTlrtersrM PC-1000. You will need the following tools and a helper to complete the assembly:...
  • Page 4 STEP #2: SENSOR WEIGHT BAR INSTALLATION Standing in front of the PROSPOTlrressrM PC-1000. Insert one end and then the other end of the Sensor Weight Bar (25) into the Knuckles (42 & 44). Slide the knuckles onto the Bar until they rest snugly against the preinstalled sensor retaining collars (45 &...
  • Page 5 Upright Guidepost Assembly Diagram Left Locklng Stlder Rlght Locklng Stlder Bock vlevr --3--...
  • Page 6 PC-1000 Assembly Drawing of PROSPOTfitnessrM - 4 -...
  • Page 7 PROSP OTlitnessrM Model PC-l 000 Bolts & Bushings Size Chart QTY:74 QTY:8 QTY:4 QTY:72 QTY:2 QTY:4 QTY:4 QTY:42 QTY:84 QrY:2 QTY:2 ,/T\ QTY:8 72,/24 mm 9ff@ 5/7O mm 8/76 mm...
  • Page 8 !lRead!! This Page Before Using Your ProSpotJitnessrM Product Safe Use of Your ProSpotJitnessrM Product CAUTION: This machine involves the risk of possible injury by its user. THE FOLLOWING RULES SHOULD BE CARFULLY FOLLOWED: 1) Consult a physician or other healthcare provider before beginning an exercise program.
  • Page 9 1 1 . barbell until level. (The PC-1000 is designed with a ratcheting feature that allows it to be manually raised from side to side.) Or, level the barbell by grasping it with both hands, making sure the fingertips make contact with the touch sensor strip.
  • Page 10: Maintenance Program

    Maintenance of ProSpotJitnessru Product Intro: Our products are made of durable materials and have been factory tested to assur'e proper function and reliability. Along with our Equipment Warranty, this gives the owner of our product the confidence of a long lasting relationship with ProSpoftnesst* lnc. Our systems are designed in a way to allow easy replacement ofparts both mechanical and electrical if the need should ever arise.
  • Page 11 Warrantv Information Each PnoSrorf/zessn Product comes with a limited parls replacement wananty. Please refer to the actual warranty card included with your system for specific coverage. If you have any questions about performance under this limited waranty, please write us at:, Inc.
  • Page 12 Model PC-1000 Parts List PROSPOTfirness Assy # I Description ,Q tY Right Base Rail S p r i n g C l i p , 5 0 m m D i a Left Base Rail Rubber Bumper Ring 50/80 mm...
  • Page 13 (the black box with the Prospot Fitness @ logo on it). To move Spot Blocks, place your index and middle fingers underneath the finger grip and your thumb on the push- release lever.
  • Page 14 ProSpot, Inc. Equipment Limited Warranty The ProSpot Pxxx (In Home) Series and Ee11g (Commercial) Series of Systems come with a limited parts warranty. This warranty does not cover misuse, neglect or abuse of the product, or damage due to an 'A.ct of Nature", weather, theft, improper installation and vandalism. All time periods are from the date of purchase.
  • Page 15 Spot Block Position Number Decal Application Instructions I . Clean front face of Upright Guide Post. 2. Raise Weight Bar to highest position. 3. Position Spot Block at top position. 4. Remove backins on decal to exDose adhesive. 5. Apply decal starting at the bottom edge of Spot Bock in the center of the post.