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ProSpot Fitness P-50 Owner's Manual page 9

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User Instructions for the ProSpot Fitness
Do not allow any liquid to be near the machine or spilled on any electrical part. Do not insert any
foreign object into the electrical box or attempt to open it. If you have any questions or need help refer
to our web site at
1. Connect the power supply to a standard 110-volt household current. While connecting the
power supply do not touch the barbell as this may interfere with the computer's initial settings.
If you need to reset the computer, simply unplug the power supply, wait 45 seconds and
reconnect it. It is recommended that surge protection be used to help protect and extend the life
of the Electronic Box of the unit from power surges and lightening strikes. A flashing green
light will appear on the Electronic Box when power is on.
Become familiar with the Grab and Go® operation BEFORE placing weights on the barbell.
2. Position the Spot Blocks: Before positioning the Spot Blocks, place the barbell into the lowest
position for the exercise you will be performing. Move the barbell by grasping it and raising it
1" to unlock. While grasping the barbell raise or lower it into the desired position. Open hands
to lock the barbell in place. To move the Spot Blocks, place your index and middle fingers
underneath the finger grip and your thumb on the push-release lever. Push in the push-release
lever with your thumb and move the Spot Blocks so that they are touching the top of the slider-
locking block (the black block with the ProSpot Fitness® logo on it). Release the push-release
lever to lock the Spot Block in place.
3. Assume a normal starting position for your desired free-weight exercise.
4. Grasp the barbell:
Rotate the barbell so that the Touch Sensor Strip embedded in the barbell is touching
your fingertips. It is necessary for your fingertips to maintain skin contact with the
Touch Sensor Strip throughout your free-weight exercise.
II. Learn the Rule Of Thumb: Sometimes referred to as a "false grip" or "sissy grip",
ProSpot's Rule Of Thumb is a style of grip in which the thumb does not wrap around
the bar but rests alongside the index fingers. Using this type of grip with your ProSpot
Fitness® equipment will prevent your thumb from maintaining skin contact with the
Touch Sensor Strip when you attempt to lock the bar in place.
III. Once you have grasped the barbell, you will hear a soft 'click' and a solid red light will
appear on the Electronic Box in addition to the flashing green power light.
5. While still grasping the barbell, lift about 1", using an even upward lifting motion on both sides
of the barbell. This upward movement will disengage the locking mechanism. If you have
performed this step correctly, the barbell will now be under your control, the cables will move
freely over the pulleys and the slider knuckles will slide smoothly up and down the guideposts.
You can now safely perform any free-weight exercise without the need of a spotter. Simply
Grab and Go®!
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