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Operation - Fujitsu Inverter Halcyon 9319356051 Operating Manual

Compact wall mounted type
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To Start Operation
Press the START/STOP button
The indoor unit's OPERATION Indicator Lamp (green) will light.
The air conditioner will start operating.
To Select Mode Operation
Press the MODE button
Each time the button is pressed, the mode will change in the following order.
About 3 seconds later, the entire display will reappear.
To Set the Temperature
Press the TEMP. button
button: Press to raise the temperature settings.
button: Press to lower the temperature settings.
● Temperature setting range:
AUTO ....................................64–88 °F
COOL/DRY ...........................64–88 °F
HEAT .....................................60–88 °F
The temperature cannot be used to set room temperature during the FAN mode (the
temperature will not appear on the Remote Controller's Display).
About 3 seconds later, the entire display will reappear.
The temperature setting should be considered a standard value, and may differ
somewhat from the actual room temperature.
To Set the Fan Speed
Press the FAN button
Each time the button is pressed, the fan speed changes in the following order:
About 3 seconds later, the entire display will reappear.
When set to AUTO:
Heating :
Fan operates so as to optimally circulate warmed air.
However, the fan will operate at very low speed when the temperature of
the air issued from the indoor unit is low.
Cooling :
As the room temperature approaches that of the temperature setting, the
fan speed becomes slower.
When the room temperature is close to the set temperature, the inner
room fan may occasionally stop, in order to save energy.
The fan runs at the MED fan speed.
SUPER QUIET operation begins. The indoor unit's airfl ow will be reduced for quieter
● SUPER QUIET operation cannot be used during DRY mode. (The same is true when
dry mode is selected during AUTO mode operation.)
● During SUPER QUIET operation, Heating and Cooling performance will be reduced
somewhat. If the room does not warm up/cool down when using SUPER QUIET Op-
eration, please adjust the indoor unit's Fan Speed.
to select the desired mode.
Example: When set to COOL.
Example: When set to 78 °F.
Example: When set to AUTO.


Table of Contents

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