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Location Requirements; Venting Requirements - Whirlpool UXT3030AYW0 Installation Instructions And Use & Care Manual

30" (76.2 cm) and 36" (91.4 cm) range hoods


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IMPORTANT: Observe all governing codes and ordinances.
It is the installer's responsibility
to comply with installation
clearances specified on the model/serial rating plate. The
rating plate is located inside the range hood on
the left wall.
Range hood location should be away from strong draft areas,
such as windows, doors and strong heating vents.
Cabinet opening dimensions that are shown must be used.
Given dimensions
provide minimum clearance. Consult the
manufacturer installation instructions
making any cutouts.
Grounded electrical outlet is required. See "Electrical
All openings in ceiling and wall where range hood will be
installed must be sealed.
These range hoods are factory set for vented installations.
Models that are capable of being installed as non-vented
(recirculating) require charcoal filters. See the "Accessories"
section to order charcoal filter kit.
For Mobile Home Installations
The installation of this range hood must conform to the
Home Construction
Safety Standards, Title 24
CFR, Part 328 (formerly the Federal Standard for Mobile Home
and Safety, title 24, HUD, Part 280) or when such
standard is not applicable, the standard for Manufactured
Installation 1982 (Manufactured
Home Sites, Communities
Setups) ANSI A225.1/NFPA 501A*, or latest edition, or with local
Product Dimensions
Installation Clearances
A. 18" (45.7 cm) min. clearance - upper cabinet to countertop
B. 18" (45. 7 cm) to 24" (61.0 cm) suggested max. - bottom of range
hood to cooking surface
C. 30" (76.2 cm) min. cabinet opening width for 30" (76.2 cm)
models and 36" (91.4 cm) min. cabinet width for 36" (91.4 cm)
D. 13" (33.0 cm) cabinet depth
E. 36" (91.4 cm) base cabinet height
Vent system must terminate to the outdoors, except for non-
vented (recirculating) installations.
Do not terminate the vent system in an attic or other enclosed
Do not use a 4" (10.2 cm) laundry-type wall cap.
Use a 7" (17.8 cm) round metal vent or a 3V4" x 10" (8.3 x
25.4 cm) rectangular metal vent, depending on your model.
Rigid metal vent is recommended.
Plastic or metal foil vent is
not recommended.
The length of vent system and number of elbows should be
kept to a minimum to provide efficient performance.

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