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LG WM0642H Series Owner's Manual page 18

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• Cleaning the Dispenser
• The dispenser may need to be cleaned periodically due to laundry additive build-up.
Open the dispenser lid.
Lift the two-compartment
container, tilt slightly
leftward, and remove from
the main dispenser.
Remove the caps
covering the siphon tube
for the bleach and
• Run warm water and use a soft brush or cloth on the container and caps to remove any excess laundry additives.
• Clean the main dispenser area using water and a soft cloth. Once the main dispenser is clean, follow the illustrations
in reverse order to replace the two compartment container to its original location.
NOTE: Do not use any cleaning substance
on tile main dispenser other than water because it will drain into tile tub. If
this should happen, set the washer for a rinse and spin cycle to remove any cleaning substance from the washer
before doing a load of laundry.
• The washing drum
• If you live in a hard water area, lime scale can continuously build up in places where it cannot be seen
and it is not easily removed from the drum.
Over time the build-up of scale clogs appliances, and if it is not kept in check, these will eventually
have to be replaced.
• Although the washing drum is made of Stainless steel, specks of rust can be caused by small metal articles
(paper clips, safety pins, etc.) which have been left in the drum.
• The washing drum should be cleaned from time to time.
• If you use descaling agents, dyes, or bleaches, make sure they are suitable for washing machine use.
• Descaler could contain components that can damage part of your washing machine.
• Remove the spots with a stainless steel cleaning agent.
• Never use steel wool.



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