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LG WM0642H Series Owner's Manual page 19

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• The water circulation
• Clean the water circulation nozzle, if clogged.
• Cleaning your washer
1. Exterior
Proper care of your washer can extend its life.
The outside of the machine can be cleaned with warm water and a neutral, non-abrasive
household detergent.
Immediately wipe off any spills. Wipe with a damp cloth.
Try not to damage the surface with sharp objects.
Do not use methylated spirit, solvents or similar products.
2. Interior
Dry around the washer door opening, flexible gasket and door glass. These areas should always be clean to
ensure a water-tight seal.
TUB CLEAN is a special cycle for cleaning the inside of the washer. This cycle uses higher water level with
higher spin speed. Perform this cycle regularly.
• To start the TUB CLEAN cycle:
1. Remove any clothing or items from the washer and close the door.
2. Open the dispenser drawer and add liquid chlorine bleach to the bleach compartment.
NOTE: Do not add any detergent to tile detergent compartments. Excessive suds may be produced and leak
from the washer.
3. Close the dispenser drawer slowly.
4. Power On and then press the Extra Rinse button for 3 seconds. (Prewash option will be selected.)
5. Press the Start/Pause
button to start.
6. After the cycle is complete, leave the door open to dry around the washer door opening, door seal and
door glass.
_1_ CAUTION: If there are small children in the house, care must be taken so that they can not climb into or
play inside the washer while it is open for drying.
using only cleaners
as safe for washing
• Winterizing
If the washer is stored in an area where freezing can occur or moved in freezing temperatures, follow these
winterizing instructions to prevent damage to the washer:
1. Turn off water supply tap.
2. Disconnect hoses from water supply and drain water from hoses.
3. Plug electrical cord into a properly grounded electrical outlet.
4. Add 1 gallon (3.8
) nontoxic recreational vehicle (RV) antifreeze to empty wash drum. Close door.
5. Set spin cycle and let washer spin for 1 minute to drain out all the water.
Not all of the RV antifreeze will be expelled.
6. Unplug electrical power cord, dry drum interior, and close door.
7. Remove the two-compartment
container from the Dispenser. Drain any water in compartments
and dry the
8. Store washer in an upright position.
9. To remove antifreeze from washer after storage, run empty washer through a complete cycle using detergent.
Do not add laundry.



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