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Kenmore 665.95012 Use & Care Manual

Self-cleaning electric range
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Electric Range
Use & Care Guide
Cocina el_ctrica con autolimpieza
Manua! de _I_o _' c_Ji¢_do
Models, Modelos
extra con el Sistema
Sears Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 U.S.A,



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  • Page 1 ® Self-Cleaning Electric Range Use & Care Guide Cocina el_ctrica con autolimpieza Manua! de _I_o _' c_Ji¢_do 665.95014 665.95002 665.95004 Models, Modelos 665.95012 665.92004 665.92012 665.92014 665.92002 Super Capacity with ULTRABAKE System Capacidad extra con el Sistema ULTRABAKE 8274185 Sears Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 U.S.A, www.sears.cOm...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS WE SERVICE WHAT WE SELL ............WARRANTY ..................RANGE SAFETY ................The Anti-Tip Bracket..............PARTS AND FEATURES ............. COOKTOP USE ................Control Knobs ................Radiant Glass ................Dual Cooking Zone ............... SURESIMMER ............... Home Canning ................Cookware .................. ELECTRONIC OVEN CONTROL ..........
  • Page 3: We Service What We Sell

    After the first year and until five years from the date of purchase, when the range is installed and operated in accordance with the Your Kenmore appliance is designed, manufactured and tested instructions provided in the Installation Instructions and Use &...
  • Page 4: Range Safety

    RANGE SAFETY safety safety important. Your and the of others are very We have provided many important safety messages in this manual and on your appliance, Always read and obey all safety messages, This is the safety alert symbol, This symbol alerts you to potential hazards that can kill or hurt you and others, All safety messages will follow the safety alert symbol and either the word "DANGER"...
  • Page 5 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS WARNING: To reduce the risk of fire, electrical • Use Proper Pan Size - The range is equipped with one or more surface units of different size. Select shock, injury to persons, or damage when using the range, follow basic precautions, including the utensils having flat bottoms barge enough to cover following:...
  • Page 6 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS For self-cleaning ranges - • Keep Oven Vent Ducts Unobstructed. • Do Not Clean Door Gasket - The door gasket is • Placement of Oven Racks - Always place oven essential for a good seal. Care should be taken not racks in desired location while oven is cool.
  • Page 7: Parts And Features

    PARTS AND FEATURES This manual covers several different models. The range you have purchased may have some or all of the items listed. The locations and appearances of the features shown here may not match your model. Control Panel .T T 1.
  • Page 8: Cooktop Use

    Radiant Glass COOKTOP USE The surface cooking area will glow red when an element is on. It will cycle on and off, at all settings, to maintain the selected heat level. Control Knobs Wiping off the cooktop before and after each use will help keep it free from stains and provide the most even heating.
  • Page 9: Dual Cooking Zone

    EASYGLANCE Hot Surface Indicator Light Dual Cooking Zone The Hot Surface Indicator light is located above each control knob. Unlike the COOK'FOP ON Light, the Easy Glance hot surface indicator light will g_owas long as that surface cooking area is too hot to touch, even after the surface cooking area(s) is turned off.
  • Page 10: Suresimmer Tm

    Cookware SURESIMMER The SURESIMMER feature is an adjustable heat setting for more IMPORTANT= Never leave empty cookware on a hot surface precise simmering. It is the left front surface cooking area or cooking area, element or surface burner. element. When the SURESIMMER feature is not on, the left front Ideal cookware should have a flat bottom, straight sides, a well- surface cooking area or element will function as usual.
  • Page 11: Electronic Oven Control

    ELECTRONIC OVEN CONTROL HOUR BROIL urns TART 5. Oven Selectors 9. HOUR 1. Display 6. SELECT CLEAN Self-Clean 10. MINUTE 2. CLOCK (on some models) 11. START/ENTER 3. TIMER 7. Temperature Setting 12. OFF/CANCEL 4. Oven Light/Oven Lockout 8. Timed Cooking Tones Display When power is first supplied to the appliance, everything on the...
  • Page 12: Fahrenheit And Celsius

    Fahrenheit and Celsius Oven Temperature Control IMPORTANT: Do not use a thermometer to measure oven The temperature is preset at Fahrenheit, but can be changed to temperature because opening the oven door and element or Celsius. burner cycling may give incorrect readings. To Change;...
  • Page 13: Oven Use

    BAKEWARE OVEN USE To cook food evenly, hot air must be able to circulate. Allow 2 in. (5 cm) of space around bakeware and oven walls. Use the following chart as a guide. NUMBEROF POSITION ON RACK Aluminum Foil PAN(S) IMPORTANT: Do not line the oven bottom with any type of foil, Center of rack.
  • Page 14: Bakeware

    Bakeware Oven Vent The bakeware material affects cooking results. Follow manufacturer's recommendations and use the bakeware size recommended in the recipe, Use the following chart as a guide. BAKEWARE/ RECOMMENDATIONS RESULTS Light colored • Use temperature and time aluminum recommended in recipe. •...
  • Page 15: Broiling

    While the oven is in the preheat mode, the set temperature Broiling chart can be seen for 5 seconds by pressing BAKE. For best results, place food 3 in. (7 cm) or more from the broil element. Times are guidelfnes only and may need to be adjusted When the set temperature is reached, if tones are enabled, for individual tastes.
  • Page 16: Timed Oven Control

    Press OFF/CANCEL or open the oven door to remove "End" Timed Oven Control from display. The time of day will appear on the display. To Recall Programmed Timed Settings: To Recall Set Press Displayed 5 Seconds Food Poisoning Hazard Cook Time COOK TIME* set length of cook Do not let food sit in oven more than one hour...
  • Page 17: Range Care

    Prepare Oven: RANGE CARE Remove the broiler pan, grid, cookware and bakeware and, • on some models, the temperature probe from the oven. Remove any fob from the oven because it may burn or melt, damaging the oven. Self-Cleaning Cycle Remove oven racks to keep them shiny and easy to slide.
  • Page 18: General Cleaning

    To Start Self-Clean: General Cleaning Before self-cleaning, make sure the door is closed completely or it will not Fock and the cycle will not begin. IMPORTANT: Before cleaning, make sure all controls are off ant 1. Set SELECT CLEAN (on some models) or CLEAN. the oven and cooktop are cool.
  • Page 19: Oven Light

    Metal marks from aluminum and copper BROILER PAN AND GRID • Cooktop Cleaning Creme: Clean as soon as cooktop has cooled down. Rub creme into Do not clean in the Self-Cleaning cycle. surface with a damp paper towel or soft cloth. Continue •...
  • Page 20: Oven Door

    To Replace: Oven Door 1. Grasp the door on the sides with your fingers on the front of the door and your thumbs on its inside surface. For normal range use, it is not suggested to remove the oven 2. Hold oven door so that the top edge of each hinge hanger i'_ door.
  • Page 21: Troubleshooting

    On some models, is the Oven Lockout set? • See "Oven Lockout" section, TROUBLESHOOTING On some models, is the 12-Hour Shut-off set? • See "12-Hour Shut-Off" section. Try the solutions suggested hers first in order to avoid the cost of an unnecessary service call.