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CRAFTSMAN 171.264630 Owner's Manual Page 4

Professional router table.
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16. Disconnect tools before servicing
Before servicing, when changing accessories
such as blades, bits, cutters, etc.
17. Avoid accidental starting
Make sure switch is in OFF position before
plugging in.
18. Use recommended
Consult the owner's manual for recommended
accessories and follow the instructions. The use
of improper accessories may cause hazards.
19 Never stand on tool
Serious injurycould occur if the tool is tipped or if
the cutting tool is accidentally contacted. DO NOT
store materials above or near the tool making it
necessary to stand on the tool to reach them.
20. Check damaged
Before further use of the tool, any guard or
other part that is damaged should be carefully
checked to ensure that it witl operate properly
and perform its intended function. Check for
alignment of moving parts, binding of moving
parts, breakage of parts, mounting, and any
other conditions that may affect its operation. A
guard or any other part that is damaged should
be properly repaired or replaced.
21. Direction of feed
Feed work into a blade or cutter AGAINST the
direction of rotation of the blade or cutter only.
22. Never leave tool running unattended
Turn power OFF, DO NOT leave tool until it
comes to a complete stop.
23. Keep hands away from cutting area
24. Store idle tools
When not in use, tools should be stored in dry,
high or locked-up place - out of reach of children.
25. Do not abuse cord
Keep cord away from heat, oil and sharp edges.
26. Outdoor extension cords
When tool is used outdoors, use only extension
cords suitable for use outdoors and so marked.
27. Never use in an explosive atmosphere
Normal sparking of the motor could ignite fumes,
flammable liquids, or combustible items.
28. Drugs, alcohol, medication
Do NOT operate tool while under the influence
of drugs, alcohol, or any medication.
Read and Understand this instruction book com-
pletely BEFORE using this product.
Always wear eye protection that complies with
ANSI Standard Z87.1.
Noise levels vary widely with location. To avoid
possible hearing damage, wear ear plugs or
ear muffs when using your router table for long
periods of time.
For dusty operations, wear a dust mask along
with safety goggles.
Follow the instructions
in your router owner's
Vibrations, caused by the router
during use, can cause fasteners to become loose.
Before use and periodically during use, check all
fasteners to make sure that all are tight and
Do not use this product until all assembly and
installation steps have been completed. Make
sure you have read and understood all safety
and operational instructions in this manual and
the router owner's manual.
Make sure that the router bit is properly
positioned and clamped in the router before
making any cuts.
Do not use the router table as a workbench or
work surface. Doing so may damage it, causing it
to be unsafe to use. A workbench should be
used for this purpose.
This product is designed for cutting flat
workpieces. Do not cut or attempt to cut
workpieces that are not flat.
10. This product is designed for cutting wood
workpieces only. Do not use to cut metal
or other non-wood materials.
11. The use of auxiliary in-feed and out-feed
supports is strongly recommended when routing
long workpieces. Otherwise those workpieces
can cause the router table to tip over.
12. Keep hands clear of the router bits and
working area.
13. Make and use a push stick to move small
workpieces across the cutting area or purchase
9-25468 Router Table Guide Master.
14. Clean the router after use. The use of a wet/dry
vac or vacuum equipment is recommended.
15. Always make sure that work surface of the router
table is clean and free from dust, chips, and
foreign particles that can interfere with the cut
you are going to make. The use of a wet/dry
vac or vacuum equipment is recommended.
16. Check the function of the guard before each
use. Remove all dust, chips, and any other
foreign particles that can affect its function.


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