Storage - Craftsman ZT 7000 Operator's Manual

Zero-turn rear engine riders with electric start 20hp kohler with 44" mower 22hp briggs & stratton with 50" mower
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Before you store your unit for the off-season, read the
Maintenance and Storage instructions in the Safety
Rules section, then perform the following steps:
• Disengage the PTO, set the ground speed control
levers to PARK, & remove the key.
Check all fluid levels. Check all maintenance items.
Battery life will be increased if it is removed, put in a
cool, dry place and fully charged about once a
month. If the battery is left in the unit, disconnect the
negative cable.
It is important to prevent gum deposits from forming in
the essential fuel system parts such as the carburetor,
fuel filter, fuel line, and fuel tank during storage. Also,
alcohol blended fuels (called gasohol or using ethanol or
methanol) can attract moisture which leads to the sepa-
ration and formation of acids during storage. Acidic gas
can damage the fuel system of an engine while in stor-
To avoid engine problems use fuel stabilizer, especially
before storage of 30 days or longer.
Before starting the unit after it has been stored:
Check all fluid levels. Check all maintenance items.
Fill with FRESH fuel.
After starting, allow the engine to warm before oper-
Never store the unit (with fuel) in an enclosed,
poorly ventilated structure.
Fuel vapors can
travel to an ignition source (such as a furnace,
water heater, etc.) and cause an explosion.
Fuel vapor is also toxic to humans and animals.
Figure 42. Engine Compartment
A. Fuel Filter
Gasoline is highly flammable
and must be
handled with care. Never fill the tank when the
engine is still hot from recent operation.
Do not
allow open flame, smoking or matches in the area.
Avoid over-filling
and wipe up any spills,

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Table of Contents

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