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Craftsman ZT 7000 Operator's Manual

Craftsman ZT 7000 Operator's Manual

2-bin bagger
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Operator's Manual
ZT 7000
Model No.
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Nota: Una traducci6n
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Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179
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Rev 02/2004
TP 199-4051-00-AT-C



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Summary of Contents for Craftsman ZT 7000

  • Page 1 5 am - 5 pm, Mon- Sat Nota: Una traducci6n en espa5ol de este Manual del Operador puede encontrarse en la pagina 11. Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 U.S.A. 1726618 Visit our Craftsman website: Rev 02/2004 TP 199-4051-00-AT-C...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Normal Installation & Removal ......... 10 Service Telephone Numbers ....Back Cover ONE YEAR FULL WARRANTY on CRAFTSMAN 2-BIN BAGGER For one (1) year from the date of purchase, if any parts of this product are defective in material or workmanship, Sears will repair or replace them free of charge.
  • Page 3 unit, severe personal injury or death to you, or bystanders, or damage to property or equipment. The trian- Read these safety rules and follow them closely. Failure to obey these rules could result in loss of control of gle _ in text signifies important cautions or warnings which must be followed.
  • Page 4 BEFORE OPERATION Clear the lawn of all sticks, stones, wire and other debris which may be caught or thrown by the mower blades. Check grass condition. If wet, wait until later in the day. If grass is wet, the grass catcher is likely to become plugged.
  • Page 5 NOTE: In this manual, "left" and "right" are always defined from the standpoint of the operator position facing forward from seat. BAFFLE REMOVAL WARNING To avoid serious injury, engage parking brake, disengage PTO, stop engine, remove key and disconnect spark plug(s) before attempting to install, remove or work on the mower.
  • Page 6: Carriage Bolt, 5/16-18

    BAFFLE INSTALLATION 1. Lift side discharge chute (H, Figure 3). 2. Insert baffle (F) through discharge opening and poso- tion baffle into place. 3. Tighten carriage bolts (A) and nuts (E) on baffle (F). 4. Tighten carriage bolt (B) and nut (E) on baffle (F). 5.
  • Page 7: Locknut

    Figure 4. Install Hitch Assembly A. Frame & Rear Weights Figure 5. Install Bag Support B. Hitch Assembly A. Bag Support Posts C. Washers, 3/8 B. Bag Support Tube D. Locknuts, 3/8 C. Hitch Assembly Tubes E. Capscrews, Hex, 3/8-16 x 2 D.
  • Page 8 CONNECTING TUBES Connecting Upper & Middle Tube 1. Attach upper tube (B, Figure 7) to middle tube (A) using clevis pins (E) as shown. Secure with washers (D) and hair pins (C). 2. Reach through upper tube (B) to insert clevis pins(E). Note: Pivoting the tubes on the clevis pins may give bet- ter access for connecting washers and pins.
  • Page 9 A_ Notches in Bag support B, Rubber Loop Strap C, Groove in Upper Tube Assembly D, Support E, Upper Tube Assembly F. Lower Tube Figure 9. Upper Tube Assembly Installation (Hopper Top Not Shown for Clarity.) Figure 11. Bag Installation Figure 1Oi Upper Tube to Bag Support installation A, Bag Support Hoops A: Notches !n Bag support...
  • Page 10 A. Hitch Post B. Tube C. Posts D. Hitch Tubes E. Bag Support & Hopper F, Bag G. Support Hoops H, White Bar Bag Hoops J. Rubber Loop Strap K, Support L, Upper & Lower Tube M, Lower Tube N, Rubber Strap O.
  • Page 11 Antes que arranque 1-800-659-5917 el motor, lea y comprenda el Manual del DueSo. Servicio de ayuda Sears Craftsman 5 am - 5 pro, Lures a Sabado IMPORTANT: Lea y siga todas las reglas e intrucciones de seguridad antes de operar este equipo.
  • Page 12 Iniciel ........15 ServicioNumero deTelefono ... Cubierta Trasera GARANT[A LIMITADA DEL RECOLECTOR DE CESPED DE CRAFTSMAN Per ur (1) aSo a part# de la fecha de compra, si este recolector de c_sped de Craftsmar es martenido, lubricado y afirado corforme...
  • Page 13 Lea eetae reglas de eeguridady Mgalae con cuidado. No obedocer eetae reglas puede reeultar on la p6rdida del control sabre la unidad, Iosionos eevoras a la persona o la muorte de ueted, o eepoctadoros, o daSos a la propiedad oal oquipo. _kEI tridngulo en el toxto donota procaucionee o advortonciae importantee qua dobon soguireo.
  • Page 14 ANTES DE LA OPERACION Elimine del jardin todos los palos, piedras; alambrss y otros deseehos qua pUedan quedar atrapados 0 Set arrojados p0r las aspas de !a podadora compruebe !a ¢ond!¢i_n ds! ¢_SP6d Si est_ mojado esPem hasta m,_s tarde. Si el c_sped est_ moj_do es probable qua Pate un embolsado eflctente, es muy lmportante la clrcu- lac!on de alre abajo de la #ublerta...
  • Page 15: Contratuerca Estrellada

    NOTA: En este manual. "izquierda" y "derecha" se refieren seg_n come se yea desde la posiciSn de operaciSn. REMOClON DEL REDUCTOR ClRCULAClON DE AIRE A ADVERTENClA Accione el freno de mano, deeacople el PTO, detenga el motor y quite la Ilave antes de intentar inetalar o quitar la podadora o trabajar en ella.
  • Page 16 INSTALACI( N DEL REDUCTOR ClRCULACION DE AIRE 1. Apriete los tomillos de cabeza redonda (A, Figura 3) y las tuercas (E) del reductor de circulaci6r de aire (F). 2. Apriete los tomillos de cabeza redonda (B) y las tuer- cas (E) del redactor de circulaci6r de aire (F).
  • Page 17: Contratuerca Estrellada

    Figura4. Instalaci6ndelSistemade Enganche A. Bastidory pesostreseros Figura 5. Instalaci6n de Soporte para Saco B. Sistemadeenganche A. Poste de soporte para saco C.Arandela, 3 /8 B. Tubo de soporte para saco D.Contratuerca estrellada, 3 /8 C. Tubos del sistema de enganche E.Tornillode cabexa hexagonal, 3 /8-16 x 2 D.
  • Page 18: Placa De Mortaje

    TUBOS DE CONEXI(_N Conexi6n de Tubo Superior y Medio 1. Sujete el tubo superior (B, Figura 7) al tubo medio (A) usando las clavijas de seguridad (E) como se mues- tra. Suj_telo cot las arandelas (D) y las I'_orquillas (C Note: Montar los tubos sobre las clavijas de segundad puede ayudarte a ganar acceso a los componentes de conexi6n.
  • Page 19 Ei Ensamble del tubo supe, rior Figura 9. Instalaci6n de nsamble del Tubo Superior FigUra i0i instaiaCi6n de Tubo Superior en el Soporte para Saco Bi _rrea de Caucho C: Encaje en e! ensamb!e de! tubo superior D: So_rte Ei Ensamb!e de! tubo superior Instalaci6n del Tubo Instalaci6n...
  • Page 20 F. Saco A. Poste del enganche L. Tubos superior e infe- P. Placa de montaje B. Tubo rior G. Aros delsoporte Q. Vastago de conducto C. Postes H, Blanco Tubo M, Tubo inferior R. Deflector I. Arosdelsaco N, Correa de caucho S.
  • Page 21 Repair Parts PTS - 1...
  • Page 22 Chute & Baffles Group ZT 7000 2-Bin Bagger - Model No, 107,24907 NOTE: Unless noted otherwise, use the standard hardware torque specification chart. PTS - 2...
  • Page 23 Chute & Baffles Group ZT 7000 2-Bin Bagger - Model No. 107.24907 REF NO, PART NO. QTY. DESCRIPTION 1726359 ADAPTER Lower Chute 1726360 CHUTE, Grass Catcher Middle 1709249 DECAL, Warning Operating Mower W_hout Chute 1672365 PIN, Round Head Drilled, 1/2 x 1 1726361 CHUTE, Grass Catcher Upper Elbow 1960170...
  • Page 24 Hopper, Bag & Hitch Group ZT 7000 2-Bin Bagger - Model No. 107.24907 NOTE: Unless noted otherwise, use the standard hardware torque specification chart. I.D. [local LO_dlo_ PTS - 4...
  • Page 25 Hoppe_ Bag & Hitch Group ZT 7000 2-Bin Bagger - Model No. 107.24907 DESCRIPTION REFNO. PART NO. QTY. 1960667 CAPSCREW, Hex Flange Whiz Lock Dog Point 5/16-18 x 1 1931332 CARRIAGE BOLT 5/16-18 x 5/8 G5 1665872 STRAP, Black Rubber 1726812 PLATE, Hopper Elbow Seal 1726362...
  • Page 26 Common Hardware Types Torque Specification Chart He_ Hcud C_pscrcw FORSTANDARDMACHINEHARDWARE(Tolerance ± 20%) @Wu_h_r =,'" @ 0 © Curriu,qcBo_ SAEGrHd_ 2 SAEGrad_ 5 SAE6fade 8 Size 0f in/Ibs in.@s Hardware fl!Ib$ Nrn. ft]lb$ N[nr fl!Ib$ N[nr Standard Hardware Sizing 8-32 When a washer or nut is identified as 1/2", this is the 8-36...
  • Page 27 For repair-in your home-of all major brand appliancesi lawn and garden equipment;or heating and cooling systems; For the replacement partsi accessories owne[is manuals _hat you need _o do-it-yourself: For Sears professional installation of home appliances i_ems like garage door openers and water hea_ers: Ca!! an_ime;...

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