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Craftsman 247.77661 Operator's Manual

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Model No. 247.77661
read this
and follow
and operating
Sears Brands
Estates, iL 60179, U.S.A.
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  Summary of Contents for Craftsman 247.77661

  • Page 1 Model No. 247.77661 o SAFETY ASSEMBLY OPERATION MAINTENANCE PARTS LIST CAUTION: Before using Espa_ol this product, read this manual and follow safety rules and operating instructions. Sears Brands Management Corporation, Hoffman Estates, iL 60179, U.S.A. Visit our website: www.craftsman.corn 769-07173 FORMNO. 6/6/2011...
  • Page 2 For w arranty coverage details toobtain free repair orreplacement, visit the web site: Thiswarranty coversONLYdefects in material and workmanship. Warranty coverage does NOT include: • Expendableitemsthat can wearoutfrom normalusewithin thewarrantyperiod,such as the spark plug, air cleaner, belts, and oil filter.
  • Page 3: California Proposition

    This machinewas built to be operatedaccordingto the safe opera- tion practicesin this manual.As with any type of powerequipment, which,if not followed,could endangerthe personal This symbolpointsout importantsafetyinstructions carelessnessor error on the part of the operatorcan resultin safetyand/or propertyof yourselfand others.Read and followall instructionsin this manualbefore seriousinjury.This machineis capableof amputatingfingers,hands, toes and feet and throwingdebris.
  • Page 4: Operation

    OPERATION Alwaysoperatethis machinefrom theoperatorzone(s) specified in the manual.See Figure1. Beforestartingthis machine,reviewthe "SafetyInstructions". Failureto followthese rulesmay resultin seriousinjuryto the Vertical operatoror bystanders. Neverleavethis machineunattended with the engine running. Donot operatemachinewhile underthe influenceof alcohol, drugs, or medication. Neverallowanyoneto operatethis machinewithoutproper instruction. Alwaysoperatethis machinewith all safetyequipmentin place and working.Makesureall controlsare operatingproperlyfor safe operation.
  • Page 5: Maintenance And Storage

    17.Donot t ow machine over 45mph. SPARK ARRESTOR 18.See Transporting the Log Splitter section inthis manual forproper towing instructions once a llfederal, local, orstate requirements are met. This machineis equippedwith an internalcombustion engineand shouldnotbe usedon or near anyunimproved forest-covered, b rush MAINTENANCE AND STORAGE coveredor grass-covered land unlesstheengine'sexhaustsystem...
  • Page 6 SAFETY SYMBOLS This pagedepictsand describessafetysymbolsthat mayappear on this product. Read,understand,and followall instructionson the machine beforeattemptingto assembleand operate. READTHEOPERATOR'S MANUAL(S) Read,understand,andfollow all instructionsin the manual(s)beforeattemptingto assemble and operate WARNING-- CRUSHING HAZARD Keephandsaway fromwedge,end plate, partiallysplitwood and movingparts. 'l I BYSTANDERS Keepbystanders,helpersand childrenat least 10feet away. SINGLEOPERATOR Onlyone personshouldoperatethe machineat a time.The adultwho loadsand stabilizesthe log mustbe the personwho operatescontrol handle.
  • Page 7 Insertthe hex boltsthroughtop holesin the jack stand mounting bracketsand holesin the adjustablejack stand.Securewith lock Useextremecautionunpackingthis machine.Somecomponentsare nuts. very heavyand will requireadditionalpeopleor mechanical h andling 10. Insertthe hex boltsthroughthe upperholesin the bottomof the equipment. mountingbracketsand adjustable jack stand.Securewith lock nuts. NOTE:Yourlog splitteris shippedwith motoroil in the engine.However, 11.
  • Page 8 17. Disconnectthe log cradlefromthe beamon theside of the control 14, Thelog splitteris shippedwith the beamin a verticalposition, Removeanybolts or strapssecuringthe end plateto the bottom valve by removing the two hexwasherscrewsthat secureit to the of the crate. beamand the two hex washerscrewsin the beamflange.The cradleis off-set for shippingpurposes.See Figure5.
  • Page 9 20. Reattachthe log cradleto the sideof the beamwith the control valve,aligningthe holesin thecradlewith the holesin the beam. Removeoil fill dipstick. See Figure7. Checkthe oil levelmakingcertain notto rub the dipstickalongthe insidewalls of the oil fill tube. This wouldresultin a falsedipstick reading.Refillto betweenthe HIGH(H) and LOW(L) markson the dipstick,if necessary.Replacethe dipstickand tighten.See Figure8.
  • Page 10 Gasoline PREPARING THE LOG SPLITTER Lubricatethebeamarea (wherethe splittingwedgewill slide)with engineoil. Donot usegrease. Operatingthe enginewith E85fuel, an oil/gasolinemixture,dirty Removethe ventedreservoirdipstick,which is locatedin front of gasoline,or gasolineover30 days old that has not beenstabilizedus- the engineon topof the reservoirtank.See Figure10. inga fuel additive,may resultin damageto yourengine'scarburetor. Subsequent d amagewouldnot be coveredunderthe manufacturer's warranty.
  • Page 11 Control Handle Cylinder Log Di: ; lodger Horizontal BeamLock Tongue Coupler Hitch Assembly AdjustableStand Assembly Plate EngineControls Choke Cont_ Tray FuelValve Beam Lock Reservoir Tank , RecoilStarterHandle ure 11 Be familiarwith all the controlsand their properoperation.Knowhow Readthis operator'smanualand the safetyrulesbeforeoperating to stop the machineand disengagethemquickly.
  • Page 12 LOG TRAY Thelogtray isdesignedto catchthe logafter itis split, If youare unableto startthis engine afterfollowinginstructions END PLATE in this manual,contacta SearsServiceCenter.Toavoid serious burn injuriesor damageto yourengine,DO NOTattemptto startor Theend plateholdsthelog in placewhilethe wedgesplitsthe log. troubleshootthis enginein anyother way.DO NOTuse startingfluid, TONGUE DONOTspray flammablevaporsinto thecarburetor,DONOTput Thetongueis usedto attachto a towingvehiclefor transportation.
  • Page 13: To Stop Engine

    If the enqine starts butfalterswhenthechoke controlis movedto the Placethe log againstthe end plateand only splitwood alongthe grain (lengthwise). RUN! _1 position: To stabilizethe log,placeyourleft handon the sideof the log. Momentarily movechoke controlbackto theCHOKEIJl Neverplacea hand betweenthe log andthe splittingwedgeor position. the log and end plate.
  • Page 14: Transporting The Log Splitter

    Vertical Position TRANSPORTING THE LOG SPLITTER Pull the horizontalbeamlockout to releasethe beamand pivot Lowerthe beamto its horizontalposition.Makecertainthe beam the beamto the verticalposition. is lockedsecurelywith the horizontalbeamlock. Tolock the beamin the verticalposition,pull out on the vertical Raisethe adjustable jack standby turningthe crank clockwise. beamlock and rotateit to securethe beam.See Figure14.
  • Page 15: Operating Tips

    OPERATING TIPS Always: Use cleanfluidand checkthe fluid levelregularly. Use an approvedhydraulicfluid.Approvedfluids includeShell Tel- lus®S2 M32 HydraulicFluid,Dexron®III / Mercon®automatic transmission fluid, Pro-Select AW-32HydraulicOil or 12WAW- ISOviscositygrade32 hydraulicoil. NOTE: It is not recommended that hydraulicfluids be mixed. Alwaysensurethat the filter is in place.Cleanor replacethe filter regularly.
  • Page 16: General Recommendations

    Maintenance Schedule TASKS SERVICEDATES v" * -- Heavyloador high ambienttemperature use. Figure 17 GENERAL RECOMMENDATIONS Alwaysobservethe safety ruleswhenperforming any mainte- Do notat any time makeanyadjustmentswithoutstoppingthe nance. engine,disconnecting the spark plugwire, groundingit againstthe The warrantyon this log splitterdoesnotcover itemsthat have engineand relievethe hydrosystempressure.Alwayswear safety been subjectedto operatorabuseor negligence.Toreceivefull glassesduringoperationor whileperforminganyadjustmentsor valuefrom the warranty, t he operatormust maintainthe equip-...
  • Page 17 Allowthe fluidto drain into a suitablecontainer. HYDRAULIC FLUID AND iNLET FILTER NOTE:The reservoirtank hasa capacityof 3 gallonsand the entire hydraulicsystemhasa capacityof approximately 4.7gallons. Stopthe engineand relievehydraulicsystempressurebeforechang- Reinstall t he filter inletscreenand hose.Tightenthe hoseclamp. ing or adjustingfittings,hoses,tubing,or othersystemcomponents. Checkthe fluidlevelusingthe dipstick.Do notoverfill. NOTE:Approvedfluids includeShellTellus®$2 M32 HydraulicFluid, Checkthehydraulicfluid levelin the log splitterreservoirtank before Dexron®III/ Mercon®automatictransmissionfluid, Pro-Select...
  • Page 18 14. Contaminants in thefluidmay damagethe hydraulic components. Check Engine Flushing the reservoir tank and hoseswith kerosene whenever Stoptheengine andwaitseveral minutes before checking theoil level. serviceis performed on thetank,hydraulic pumpor valveis recom- Removethe oil fill dipstick.See Figure22. mended.Contacta Searsor otherauthorized servicedealer. Useextremecautionwhenworkingwith kerosene.It is an extremely flammablefluid.
  • Page 19 Be surethat the fuel fill cap is on and securelytightened. 15. Carefullyreconnectthe sparkplug wireto the spark plug. Cleanareaaroundthe oil drain plug. NOTE:It is advisableto rechecktheoil levelafter you haveoperated Placean approvedrecyclable oil containerundertheoil drainplug. the enginefor a short while,and the normalengineoperatingtempera- ture hasbeen achieved.
  • Page 20: Hose Clamps

    HOSE CLAMPS Service Spark Plug Cleanthe sparkplug and resetthe gap to .030"at leastonce a Beforeeachusecheckall the hoseclampsto see if theyare tight. seasonor every 50 hoursof operation. FLEXIBLE PUMP COUPLER Cleanthearea aroundthe sparkplug. Removeand inspectthe The flexiblepumpcoupleris a nylon"spider"insert,locatedbetween spark plug. the pumpand the engineshaft.
  • Page 21: Log Splitter

    FUEL STABILIZER Prepareyour log splitterfor storageat the end of the seasonor if the log splitterwill not be usedfor 30 days or more. NOTE: Fuelstabilizeris an acceptablealternativein minimizingthe formationof fuel gumdepositsduring storage. Pleasefollowthe instructionsbelowfor storingyourlog splitterwith fuel and stabilizerin the engine: Neverstorethe machinewith fuelin thefuel tank insideof building wherefumesmay reachan open flameor sparkor whereignition Add stabilizerto the gasolinein the fueltank or storagecontainer.
  • Page 22 Beforeperforming anytype of maintenance/service, disengageall controlsand stopthe engine.Wait untilall movingparts havecome to a completestop.Disconnectspark plugwire and groundit againstthe engineto preventunintendedstarting.Alwayswearsafetyglassesduring operationor whileperformingany adjustmentsor repars. This section addresses minor service issues. To locate the nearest Sears Service Center or to schedule service, simply contact Sears at 1-800-4-MY-HOME®.
  • Page 23 Beforeperforming anytype of maintenance/service, disengageall controlsand stopthe engine.Wait untilall movingparts havecome to a completestop.Disconnectspark plugwire and groundit againstthe I engineto preventunintendedstarting.Alwayswear safetyglassesduringoperationor whileperforminganyI [adjustmentsor repars. This section addresses minor service issues. To locate the nearest Sears Service Center or to schedule service, simply contact Sears at 1-800-4-MY-HOME®.
  • Page 24 Craftsman Log Splitter Model 247.77661 _,_,.
  • Page 25 Model 247 781-0538A HoseGuard 712-04065 FlangeLockNut,3/8-16 781-0526A HoseGuard 710-0157 Hex Screw,5/16-24x .75 727-0443 ReturnHose 710-0190 Hex Screw,5/16-18x 4.00 726-0132 710-0376 HoseClamp Hex Screw,5/16-18x 1.00 723-0405 Oil Filter 710-1842A SetScrew,1/4-20x .38 737-04323 712-04063 HydraulicFitting FlangeLockNut,5/16-18 737-04267 714-0122 FilterHousing SquareKey,3/16 x .75 710-0216 718-04127 HexScrew,3/8-16x .75...
  • Page 26 Craftsman Engine Model 170=L0=11 For Logsplitter Model 247.77661 951-11285 ExhaustPipe Gasket 712-04214 Nut,M8 951-12156 MufflerAssembly 710-05002 Bolt M5xlO 951-12157 Air CleanerHousing 753-04430 710-05102 Self-Tapping Bolt M4.2x16 951-12135 Housing- Air Filter Base 951-10794 SpongeFilter 951-10794 Air CleanerFilter Assembly 951-12136 Air CleanerCover...
  • Page 27 Craftsman Engine Model 170-L0-11 For Logsplitter Model 247.77661 710-05101 StudM6x110 CarburetorBody 951-11567 Carburetor InsulatorGasket FuelShutoffValve 951-11568 Carburetor Insulator FloatPin 951-11569A Carburetor Gasket Emulsion Tube 751-12552 Carburetor Assembly NeedleValve 951-11571 Carburetor GasketPlate MainJet ControlLever, Choke NeedleValveSpring ChokeShaft Float ChokePlate 951-11589 FuelBowlGasket...
  • Page 28 Craftsman Engine IViodel 170=L0=11 For Logsplitter IViodel 247.77661...
  • Page 29 Craftsman Engine IViodel 170=L0=11 For Logsplitter IViodel 247.77661 951-12111 PistonRingSet 951-11632 PistonPin Snap Ring 951-12007 Piston 951-11633 PistonPin 710-04915 Bolt M6x12 951-11113 Air Shield 951-11573 ConnectingRodAssembly 951-11356 GovernorArm Shaft 736-04461 Washer,5.2xl .9 951-11574 GovernorSeal 714-04074 CotterPin 951-11575 CamshaftAssy. 951-11369 RadialBall Bearing,6205...
  • Page 30 Craftsman Engine IViodel 170-L0-11 For Logsplitter IViodel 247.77661...
  • Page 31 Craftsman Engine IViodel 170=L0=11 For Logsplitter IViodel 247.77661 710-04911 StudM8x36 710-04968 BoltM6x16 951-10657 951-11054 ValveCover MufflerStudAssembly 951-11572 731-07059 Hose Gasket CylinderHead 951-10648 PushRod 726-04101 HoseClamp 951-11899 951-11565 ValveCoverGasket Tappet 715-04090 951-11892 DowelPin,10x16 RokerArm Assembly 951-10647A ExhaustValve 751-11124 Nut,Pivot Locking 951-10647A...
  • Page 32 Craftsman Engine IViodel 170=L0=11 For Logsplitter IViodel 247.77661 _1o9 '110 951-12126 Oil Seal,25x?41.25x6 951-10792 ignitionCoil Assembly 710-04919 BoltM6x25 951-10805 Flywheel 951-10909 Fan- Cooling 951-10911 Starter Cup 712-04209 Nut SpecialM14x1.5 710-04915 BoltM6x12 951-11583 BlowerHousing 736-04455 Washer,Fiat 710-04974 BoltM6xlO 951-12418 RecoilStarter 712-04212...
  • Page 33 Craftsman Engine Model 170=L0=11 For Logsplitter Model 247.77661 _107 710-04968 BoltM6x16 710-04905 Bolt 951-11067 ThrottleControlKnob 710-04915 Bolt M6x12 951-12131 PrimerBracket 951-11381 Oil FillTubeO-Ring 710-04928 BoltM6x12 951-11913 1/4 TurnOil Fill Tube 951-11585 951-11904 GovernorSpring Dipstick O-Ring 951-10664 951-12482 ThrottleLinkageSpring DipstickGuage 951-10665...
  • Page 34 Craftsman Log Splitter Model 247.77661 777D14914 777123259 777S33680 777123174 777S33681 777123433 FUELVALVESHUT OFF FOR T O_'UNG OFF _ 777X45191 777X43688 777S33612 DONOT USEE85 OR FUEL CONTAiNiNG IVI_E THAN10% ETHANOL 777123426 777S33682 HYDRAULIC FLUID STICK Maintain fluidJ eveJ within the ranges specified on the dipstick.
  • Page 35 Congratulations on making a smart purchase. Your new Craftsman® product is designed manufactured for years of dependable operation. But like all products, it may require repair from time to time. That's when having a Repair Protection Agreement can save you money and aggravation.
  • Page 36 Servicio y mantenimiento ......Paginas 50-54 NOmeros de servicio ....... Contratapa GARANTiA COMPLETA CRAFTSMAN POR UN ANO PORUN ANOa partirde la fecha de la compra,este productoest,. garantizado por defectosen losmaterialeso la manode obra. Losproductos defectuososser_.n reparadossin costoo reemplazados sin costosi la reparaci6nno est,. disponiNe.
  • Page 37 Esta m_quina fue construida para ser operada de acuerdo con las reglas de seguridad contenidas en este manual. de instrucciones importantes de seguridad que La presencia de este sfmbolo indica que se trata AI igual que con cualquier tipo de equipo motorizado, se deben respetar para evitar poner en peligro descuido o error por parte del operador puede producir...
  • Page 38 iVIANEJO SEGURO DE LA GASOLINA 13. Si la rn_.quina est,. equipadacon un motorde cornbusti6ninterna y existela intenci6nde usarlacerca de un terrenoagrestecubi- Paraevitarlesionespersonaleso da_os rnateriales seasurnarnente ertode bosque,arbustoso pasto,el escapedel motordebe estar cuidadosoal rnanipularla gasolina.La gasolinaes surnarnente provistode un arnortiguador d e chispas.AsegQrese de respetar inflarnable y sus vaporespuedencausarexplosiones.Si se derrarna todoslos c6digoslocales,estatalesy federalesaplicables.Lleve gasolinaencirnao sobrela ropa se puedelesionargravernente ya que...
  • Page 39: Mantenimiento

    Cuandocargueun tronco,siernprecoloquelas rnanosa los Paraevitarincendios, lirnpiela suciedady grasade las _.reas ladosdel misrno,no en los extrernos, y no use nuncael pie para del motory del silenciador.Si el motorest,. equipadocon un estabilizarun tronco.Si no respetaestasinstrucciones, s e puede silenciadorcon arnortiguador d e chispas,lirnpieloe inspec- producirel aplastarniento o la arnputaci6n de dedos,dedosde los ci6neloregularrnente segQnlas instrucciones de losfabricantes.
  • Page 40: Safety Symbols

    SAFETY SYMBOLS This pagedepictsand describessafety symbolsthat may appearon this product. Read,understand,and follow all instructions on the machine beforeattemptingto assembleand operate. LEA LOSMANUALES DELOPERADOR Lea,entienday curnplatodas las instrucciones incluidasen losrnanualesantes de realizar el rnontajede la unidady utilizarla. ADVERTENCIA--RIESGODEAPLASTAMIENTO Mantengalasrnanosalejadasde la cuSa,la placadel extrerno,la rnaderaque est_ parcialrnente cortaday las piezasrn6viles.
  • Page 41 Tuercasde seguridad conbrida Tengarnuchocuidadoal desernbalar e sta rn_.quina. Algunos cornponentes sonrnuypesadosyes necesarioque colaborenvarias _personaso que se useequ po de manpu ac 6n rnec_.n co. NOTA:Su rn_.quina rornpetroncos se enviaconaceite en el motor.Sin embargo,usted DEBEcontrolarel nivelde aceiteantesde hacerlo funcionar.Tengacuidadode no Ilenaren exceso.ConsulteLlenadode gasolinay aceite en esta secci6n.
  • Page 42 14. La rn_.quina rornpetroncos se envfacon la viguetaen posici6n Desconecte el bastidorde troncosde la viguetaque est,. al vertical.Extraigalos pernoso las tiras que sujetanla placadel costadode la v_Jvula de controlextrayendolosdos tornillosde extrernoa la basede la caja. lasarandelashexagonales que Io sujetana la viguetay losdos tornillosde lasarandelashexagonales de bridade la vigueta.El Tirehaciaafueradel bloqueode viguetavertical, r6telohacia bastidorest,.
  • Page 43 20. Vuelva acolocar elbastidor detroncos alcostado de lavigueta Aceite con la v&lvulade control,alineandolos orificiosdel basfidorcon Saque la varilladel nivelde aceite. los orificiosde la vigueta.Veala Figura7. Cornpruebeel nivelde aceiteasegur_.ndose q ue la varilladel nivelde aceiteno rocecon las paredesinterioresdel tubo de Ilenadode aceite.Dehacerlose puedeproduciruna lectura falsa de la varilladel nivelde aceite.Recarguehastaque quede entre lasrnarcasde nivelALTO(H) y nivelBAJO(L) de la varilla del nivelde aceite,si es necesario.Vuelvaa colocar la varillay...
  • Page 44 PREPARACI6N DE LA IVI.,_QUINA ROIVIPETRONCOS Lubriqueel Areade la viguetadonde se desplazar_, la cuSade El combustibledebe cargarloun adulto.NUNCAperrnitaque un corte con aceitede motor.No usegrasa. ni_o recarguecombustible en el motor.Losvaporesde la gasolina Retirela varilladel dep6sitoventeadaque se encuentradelante (el combustible)son surnarnente infiarnables y puedenexplotar. del motor,sobreel tanquede dep6sito.Vea la Figura10.
  • Page 45 Cilindro Manijade control Liberadorde la madera viga horizontal Enganche Leng(Jeta Cuba acoplador de la vigueta Montajede gab ajustable Controlesdel motor Controldel cebador Controlde ,regulador _ Bandejapara troncos Bloqueo V_.lvula de combustible viga Tanquedel vertical dep6sito _ Manijadel arrancador de retroceso ura 11 Familiaricese contodosloscontrolesy suoperaci6napropiada.
  • Page 46 BANDEJA PARA TRONCOS La bandejapara troncosest,. diseSadapara atraparel troncodespu_s Si no puede poneren rnarchaeste motordespu_sde seguirlas de que se Iorornpe. instruccionesincluidasen este manual,cornuniquese con el centro PLACA DEL EXTREMO de serviciost_cnicosde Sears.Paraevitar lesionesgravespor La placadel extrernornantieneel troncoen su lugarrnientrasla cuba quernadura o daSosal motor,NOintenteponeren rnarchaeste Io rornpe.
  • Page 47 Cuandoel motorarranca: Vertical Muevael controldel cebadorhastala posici6n "1/2 CHOKE (1/2cebador)"hastaqueel motorfuncionesininconvenientes. A continuaci6n,rnuevael controldel cebadorhasta la posici6n 1 4'I (funcionarniento). Coloquela palancadel aceleradoren la velocidaddeseada. Si el motorarrancaperofalla cuandose rnueveel controldel cebador hasta la posici6nRUNJ_' J(funcionarniento): Coloqueel controldel cebadorpot un rnornentonuevarnente en la posici6nCHOKE ill (cebador).
  • Page 48 Liberador de la madera El liberadorde rnaderaest,.dise_adoparasacar de la cubala rnadera parcialmente cortada.Esto puedesucedercuandose corta maderade gran di_.metro o que ha sido cortadarecientemente. Noutilicenuncalasmanos parasacar de la cubala madera parcialmente cortada.Losdedospueden quedar atrapados e ntrela madera cortada. Para sacarla cubade un trozode maderaparcialrnente cortado,coloquela manijade controlen la posici6n"REVERSE (retroceso)".
  • Page 49 Si el engancheacopladorest,.dernasiadoflojo sobrela bola: Gire Intenteregularlosvaloresde la v_.lvula de descargao de la tuerca de ajuste unavuelta en el sentidode lasagujasdel reloj. seguridad. Luegoverifiquenuevarnente y reajustesegQnseanecesario. Opere si hayaire en el sisternahidr_.ulico. Conectelas cadenasde seguridadal vehiculode rernolque. Usecinta de Tefl6nen losaccesorioshidr_.ulicos. Intentecortar la rnaderaen sentidotransversal a la veta.
  • Page 50 Programa de mantenimiento TAREAS FECHASDELOSSERVICIOS * -- Uso concarga pesadao en ternperatura arnbienteelevada. Figura 17 RECONIENDACIONES GENERALES Respetesiernprelas reglasde seguridadcuandorealicetareas NuncarealiceningQn ajustesindetenerel motor,desconectar e l cable de rnantenirniento. de la bujiay ponerlohaciendornasacontrael motory descargue la La garanfiade esta rn_.quina rornpetroncos no cubreelernentos presi6ndel sisternahidrost_.tico.
  • Page 51 LiQUIDO HIDRAULICO Y FILTRO DE ENTRADA Reinstalela rejillade entradadel filtro y la rnanguera. A juste la abrazaderade la rnanguera. Controleel nivelde liquido con la varillade nivel. No IoIleneen exceso. Detengael motory libere la presi6ndel sisternahidr_.ulico antes NOTA:Entrelos fluidosaprobadosseencuentran fluidohidr_ulicoShell de carnbiaro ajustarlosaccesorios,rnangueras, t ubos u otros Tellus®S2 M32,fiuidoparatransrnisiones a utorn_ticas Dexron®III/ cornponentesdel sisterna.
  • Page 52 14. Loscontarninantes q uese encuentran en el liquidopuedenda_ar NOTA: Noutilice aceitessindetergenteni aceite para motorde dos loscornponentes hidr_.ulicos. Se recornienda enjuagarel tanque tiernpos.Podria reducirsela vida Otildel motor. de dep6sitoy las rnangueras conkeroseno cadavez quese realiza Inspeccione el aceite del motor el serviciodel tanque,de la bornbahidr_.ulica o de la v_.lvula. Detengael motory esperevariosrninutosantesde verificarel Cornuniquese con Searsu otto distribuidor de servicioautorizado.
  • Page 53 NOTA: Mantenga elcable d elabujia que est,. desconectado deforrna NOTA:Yea la secci6nMontajeque apareceantes en este manual segura, alejado delaspiezas rnet_.licas para e vitar que se forrne u n paraobtenerlasinstruccionesdetalladaspara verificarel aceite. arco el_ctrico. 14. Unavezque se hayaconfirrnado el nivelde aceite,instaleel 2.
  • Page 54 ABRAZADERAS DE LA MANGUERA IVlantenimiento de la bujia Antesde cada uso,verifiqueque todaslas abrazaderas de rnangueras Lirnpiela bujia y ajuste la separaci6n a 0,030"al rnenosuna vez est_.najustadas. por estaci6no cada50 horasde funcionarniento. ACOPLADOR FLEXIBLE DE LA BONIBA Lirnpieel &reaalrededorde la bujfa. Saquee inspeccione la bujia. Carnbielabujia si loselectrodosest&npicados,quernados o la El acopladorflexible de la bornbaes una piezade sujeci6n"ara_a"...
  • Page 55 ESTABILIZADOR DE COMBUSTIBLE Preparela rn_.quina rornpetroncos para sualrnacenarniento al finalizar la ternporadao si la unidad no se utilizar_, durante30 dias o rn_.s. NOTA: El usode estabilizadores de combustiblees una alternativa aceptablepara rninirnizar l a forrnaci6nde dep6sitosde gornade combustibleduranteel alrnacenarniento. Paraalrnacenarla rn_.quina rornpetroncos con combustible y Nuncaalrnacenela rn_.quina concombustibleen el tanquedentro estabilizadoren el motor,sigaestasinstrucciones: de un edificiodondelos vaporespuedanalcanzaruna llama...
  • Page 56 Antes de realizar cualquier tipo de rnantenirniento o servicio, desenganche todos los controles y detenga el motor. Espere a que se detengan oornpletarnente todas las piezas rn6viles. Desconecte el cable de la bujia y p6ngalo haciendo rnasa contra el motor para evitar que se encienda accidentalrnente. Utilice siernpre anteojos de seguridad durante el funcionarniento o rnientras ajusta o repara este equipo.
  • Page 57 Antesde realizarcualquiertipode rnantenirniento o servicio,desenganche todos loscontrolesy detenga el motor.Esperea que se detenganoornpbtarnente todas las piezasrn6vibs. Desconecte el cablede Ila bujia y p6ngalohaciendornasacontrael motor paraevitar que se enciendaaccidentalrnente. Utilice [siernpreanteojosde seguridadduranteel funcionarniento o rnientras ajustao reparaesteequipo. En esta secci6nse analizan problemasmenores de servicio.Paraubicar el Centrode Servicio Sears m_s cercanoo para programar un servicio sire _lementecomunic uese con Sears al tel_fono 1-800-4-MY-HOME®.
  • Page 59 Felicitaciones por haber realizado una adquisici6n inteligente. El producto Craftsman® que ha adquirido esta diseSado y fabricado para brindar muchos aSos de funcionamiento confiable. Pero como todos los productos a veces puede requerir de reparaciones. Es en ese momento cuando...
  • Page 60 Your Home For troubleshooting, product manuals and expert advice: managernylife For repair - in your home - of all major brand appliances, lawn and garden equipment, or heating and cooling systems, no matter who made it, no matter who sold it! For the replacement parts, accessories owner's manuals that you need to do-it-yourself.

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