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Something Not Working - Electrolux EDC47130W User Manual

Sensor dry 7kg condenser dryer
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Something not working

Certain problems are due to lack of simple
maintenance or oversights, which can be
solved easily without calling out an engineer.
Before contacting your local Service Centre,
please carry out the checks listed below.
During machine operation it is possible that
Possible cause
Dryer does
• M ains plug is not plugged in or fuse is not
not work
working correctly
• L oading door is open
• H ave you pressed the START/ PAUSE button?
Drying results
• W rong program selected
• L int filter clogged
• C ondenser unit clogged with lint
• I ncorrect load size
• V entilation slots in base area covered up
• R esidue on inside surface of drum or drum ribs
Loading door
• F ine strainer not in place and/or large mesh
does not close
filter not locked in place.
When pressing
• W ashing protection
a button, the
After the start of the program, the option can
no longer be set
button flashes
several times.
Drying cycle
• N ot enough washing loaded or washing
ends shortly
loaded is too dry for selected program.
after program
starts. END
light illuminated
• W ater Tank is full
inactive, Water
tank full light
Drying cycle
• L int filter clogged
lasts an
• C ondenser unit clogged with lint
unusually long
• D ELICATE button pressed and load volume
too big
• Load size too big
Note: After
• Laundry insufficiently pre-drained
around 5 hours
the drying cycle
ends automatically
(see "Drying cycle
electrolux something not working 15
the red Start/Pause pilot light flashes to
indicate that the machine is not working.
Once the problem has been eliminated, press
the Start/Pause button to restart the program.
If after all checks, the problem persists, contact
your local Service Centre.
• P lug in at mains socket
Check fuse in fuse box (domestic installation)
• Close loading door
• P ress the START/PAUSE button again
• S elect a different program the next time
you use the dryer (see "Overview of
programs" section).
• Clean lint filter
• Clean condenser unit.
• O bserve recommended loading volumes.
• U ncover ventilation slots in base area.
• C lean inside surface of drum and drum ribs
• I nstall fine strainer and/or snap large mesh
filter into place
• T urn the program knob to OFF.
Set the program again
• S elect time program or higher drying level
(e.g. EXTRA DRY instead of CUPBOARD).
• E mpty water tank, then start program
with START/PAUSE button.
• C lean lint filter
• Clean condenser unit
• D ELICATE is only suitable for use with loads
of up to 3 kg!
• Reduce load size
• L aundry must be sufficiently spun and/or
adequately pre-drained

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