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Electrolux EDC 46130 W User Manual

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user manual

notice d'utilisation
Tumble Dryer
Séchoir à condensation
EDC 46130 W



  Summary of Contents for Electrolux EDC 46130 W

  • Page 1: User Manual

    125983730 gb.qxp 2006-10-03 17:46 Page 1 user manual notice d’utilisation Tumble Dryer Séchoir à condensation EDC 46130 W...
  • Page 2 125983730 gb.qxp 2006-10-03 17:46 Page 2...
  • Page 3 Thank you for choosing a first class product from Electrolux, which hopefully will provide you with lots of pleasure in the future. The Electrolux ambition is to offer a wide variety of quality products that make your life more comfortable.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    125983730 gb.qxp 2006-10-03 17:46 Page 4 4 contents electrolux Contents Safety information......5 Product description ......7 Control panel ........7 Use............8 Drying hints ........12-13 Drying programme......14 Care and cleaning ......15-17 Something not working ....18-19 Technical data .........20 Consumption values ......21 Installation ........22-23 Environment concerns .....24...
  • Page 5: Safety Information

    125983730 gb.qxp 2006-10-03 17:46 Page 5 safety information electrolux 5 Safety Information use appliance to dry the following items: Cushions, quilts and the like (these items accumulate heat). Items containing rubber foam or materials similar to rubber foam. In the interest of your safety and to...
  • Page 6 125983730 gb.qxp 2006-10-03 17:46 Page 6 6 safety information electrolux removed before use. Serious Clothes which are dripping wet damage can occur to the product should not be placed in the dryer. and to property if this is not adhered Garments which have been in to.
  • Page 7: Product Description

    125983730 gb.qxp 2006-10-03 17:46 Page 7 electrolux product description/Control panel 7 Product description Control panel Fluff filters Rating Plate Condenser unit Water reservoir Adjustable feet Control panel Programme selector dial Delicate button Textile button Indicator lights Start/Pause button...
  • Page 8: Use

    125983730 gb.qxp 2006-10-03 17:46 Page 8 8 use electrolux caught between the door and filter. First Use Ensure that the electrical connections comply with the installation instructions. Remove the polystryrene block and any material from the drum. Select the required programme...
  • Page 9 125983730 gb.qxp 2006-10-03 17:46 Page 9 electrolux use 9 Drying, Cooling and End/Anticrease Select the Textile come on. Press the Textile button repeatedly, to At the end of the programme the select the desired option. The relevant selector dial must be turned to light will light up.
  • Page 10 125983730 gb.qxp 2006-10-03 17:46 Page 10 10 electrolux use The drum turns alternately in both direc- water reservoir must be emptied out. If tions during drying. this light illuminates during a programme this means that the water All drying programmes end with a 10 minute reservoir is full.
  • Page 11 125983730 gb.qxp 2006-10-03 17:46 Page 11 electrolux use 11 Turn the programme selector dial to “O O ”; all the lights go out. The appliance is switched off. Remove the laundry. I I f f y y o o u u o o p p e e n n a a n n d d t t h h e e n n c c l l o o s s e e t t h h e e d d o o o o r r b b e e f f o o r r e e t t u u r r n n i i n n g g t t h h e e s s e e l l e e c c t t o o r r d d i i a a l l t t o o “...
  • Page 12: Drying Hints

    125983730 gb.qxp 2006-10-03 17:46 Page 12 12 electrolux drying hints Drying hints drying (depending on crease resist- ance approx. 30 seconds or using the special brief spin programme of your washing machine). • Knitted textiles (knitted underwear) may shrink a little during drying.
  • Page 13 125983730 gb.qxp 2006-10-03 17:46 Page 13 drying hints electrolux 13 Maximum loads Recommended loads are indicated in the programme charts. General rules: Cotton, linen: drum full but not too tightly packed; Synthetics: drum no more than half full; Delicate fabrics and woollens: drum no more than one third full.
  • Page 14: Drying Programme

    125983730 gb.qxp 2006-10-03 17:46 Page 14 14 electrolux drying programmes Drying programmes Type of Programme Options Description of programme laundry Textile - Drying thick or multi-layered textiles, Cotton e.g. terry towelling items Cotton Extra Thorough drying of fabrics of even Textile - thicknesses, e.g.
  • Page 15: Care And Cleaning

    125983730 gb.qxp 2006-10-03 17:46 Page 15 electrolux care and cleaning 15 Care and cleaning You must DISCONNECT the appliance from the electricity supply, before you can carry out any cleaning or maintenance work. The filter in the inner door must be E E x x t t e e r r n n a a l l c c l l e e a a n n i i n n g g removed for cleaning.
  • Page 16 2006-10-03 17:46 Page 16 16 electrolux care and cleaning Do n n ot u u se t t he a a ppliance w w ithout f f ilters. Clean it with a brush and rinse it under the shower if necessary.
  • Page 17: Care And Cleaning

    125983730 gb.qxp 2006-10-03 17:46 Page 17 electrolux care and cleaning 17 Handy t t ip: The condensed water may be light reminds you this operation. used in a steam iron or to top up a battery, Proceed as follows: etc. In this case it must be filtered (e.g.
  • Page 18: Something Not Working

    125983730 gb.qxp 2006-10-03 17:46 Page 18 18 electrolux something not working Something not working Certain problems are due to lack of simple maintenance or oversights, which can be solved easily without calling out an engineer. Before contacting your local Service Centre, please carry out the checks listed below.
  • Page 19 125983730 gb.qxp 2006-10-03 17:46 Page 19 something not working electrolux 19 Malfunction Possible cause Solution When pressing a button, Washing protection. Turn the programme knob to OFF. Set the programme the corresponding After the start of the program- again button flashes several me, the option can no longer times.
  • Page 20: Technical Data

    125983730 gb.qxp 2006-10-03 17:46 Page 20 20 electrolux technical data Technical data Dimensions Width 60 cm Height 85 cm Depth 58 cm Electrical connection Information on the electrical connection is given Voltage - Overall power - on the rating plate on the inner edge of the...
  • Page 21: Consumption Values

    125983730 gb.qxp 2006-10-03 17:46 Page 21 consumption values electrolux 21 Consumption values Programme Programme Energy Revolutions duration consumption (in minutes) (in kWh) minute Cottons Cupboard 1000 Cottons Cupboard 1400 Synthetics Cupboard 1200 Max Cottons load: 6 kg Max Synthetics load:...
  • Page 22: Installation

    125983730 gb.qxp 2006-10-03 17:46 Page 22 22 electrolux installation Installation To keep vibration and noise to a minimum when the dryer is in use, it should be placed on a firm, level surface. Unpacking Once in its permanent operating position, check that the dryer is absolutely level with the aid of a spirit level.
  • Page 23 125983730 gb.qxp 2006-10-03 17:46 Page 23 installation electrolux 23 Door reversal Electrical connection This machine is designed to operate on To make it easier to load or unload the a 220-230 V, laundry the door can be reversed. single-phase, 50 Hz supply. Check that your domestic electrical installation can take the maximum load required (2.2...
  • Page 24: Environment Concerns

    125983730 gb.qxp 2006-10-03 17:46 Page 24 24 electrolux environment concerns Environment concerns Ecological hints Packaging materials To save energy and to help protect the environment,we recommend that you follow these hints: The materials marked with the symbol • Try to load the maximum capacity of are recyclable.
  • Page 25: Guarantee Conditions

    Electrolux and is only used within 7. The statutory warranty does not apply when the home, i.e. is not used for defects are caused by: commercial purposes.
  • Page 26: Customer Service

    17:47 Page 26 26 electrolux guarantee/customer service non-original ccessories or spare parts are not A A d d d d r r e e s s s s f f o o r r o o u u r r c c o o n n s s u u m m e e r r s s e e r r v v i i c c e e s s d d e e p p a a r r t t m m e e n n t t covered by the guarantee.