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Drying Hints - Electrolux EDC47130W User Manual

Sensor dry 7kg condenser dryer
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10 drying hints electrolux

Drying hints

Before loading the laundry
Never tumble dry the following: Particularly
delicate items such as net curtains, woollens,
silk, fabrics with metal trim, nylon tights,
bulky materials such as anoraks, blankets,
eiderdowns, sleeping bags, feather quilts and
any items containing rubber foam or materials
similar to rubber foam.
• A lways follow the instructions on garment labels:
may be tumble dried
normal drying (high temperature)
delicate drying (low temperature)
do not tumble dry
• C lose pillowcases and covers with fasteners
to prevent small laundry items getting tangled
inside them. Close press studs, zips and
hooks and tie belts and apron strings.
• S ort laundry according to type and degree
of drying required.
• D o not over-dry laundry, this avoids creasing
and saves energy.
• A void drying dark clothes with light coloured
fluffy items such as towels as they could
attract fluff.
• T he laundry must be thoroughly spun before
tumble drying.
• E asy-care items, e.g. shirts, should be
briefly pre-spun before drying (depending
on crease resistance approx. 30 seconds
or using the special brief spin program of
your washing machine).
• K nitted textiles (knitted underwear) may shrink
a little during drying. Please do not overdry items
of this type. It is advisable to allow for shrinkage
when choosing the size of new purchases.
• R emove the laundry when the dryer has
finished drying.
• I f individual items are still damp after drying,
set a brief post-drying time, (at least 30
minutes). This will be necessary particularly for
multilayered items (e.g. collars, pockets, etc.).
Make sure that no metal objects are left in
the laundry (e.g. hair clips, safety pins, pins).
Button up pillowcases, close zip fasteners,
and hooks. Tie any belts or long tapes.
To avoid laundry becoming tangled: close zips,
button up duvet covers and tie loose ties or
ribbons (e.g. of aprons).
Turn items with double-layered fabrics inside
out (e.g. with cotton lined anoraks, the cotton
layer should be outermost). These fabrics will
then dry better.
Maximum loads
Recommended loads are indicated in the
program charts.
General rules:
Cotton, linen: drum full but not too tightly packed;
Synthetics: drum no more than half full;
Delicate fabrics and woollens: drum no
more than one third full.
Try to load to the maximum capacity of the
machine as small loads are uneconomical.

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