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Care And Cleaning - Electrolux EDC47130W User Manual

Sensor dry 7kg condenser dryer
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14 care and cleaning electrolux

Care and cleaning

Emptying the water tank
Water extracted from the laundry condenses
inside the machine and is collected in a tank.
The tank must be emptied after each drying
cycle to ensure efficient operation when the
machine is next used. The light
reminds you of this operation.
Proceed as follows:
• O pen the small door at the lower part
of the cabinet
• T urn the yellow stops upwards
• P ull out the tank
• O pen the small cover and empty the water
out of the container
• C lose the small cover and correctly re-insert
the tank
• P ush the container in until it clicks, then turn
the yellow stops downwards to lock it firmly
into place
• C lose the small door and press the START/
PAUSE button again to allow the program
to continue.
Water Tank
The tank must be re-inserted correctly.
After emptying and inserting the tank the Start/
Pause button has to be depressed again to
allow the program to continue.
Handy tip: The condensed water may be used
in a steam iron or to top up a battery, etc. In this
case it must be filtered (e.g. through a coffee filter).
Cleaning the air intake grille
Using a vacuum cleaner remove the fluff from
the air intake grille at the back of the appliance.
Cleaning the drum
When your laundry does not reach the desired
degree of dryness, in other words, when it turns
out either too dry or too damp, we advise you
to clean the inside of the drum with a cloth
soaked with vinegar.
This will eliminate the slight film that has formed
in the drum (due to residues of detergent and
softeners used in the washing, and from the
lime contained in the water), which prevents
the probes from detecting the correct degree
of dryness.

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