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Electrolux EDC 5375 Operating Instructions Manual

Condenser dryer


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EDC 5375
822 944 179 - 01 - 1101


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Summary of Contents for Electrolux EDC 5375

  • Page 1 O p e r a t i n g I n s t r u c t i o n s c t i o n s EDC 5375 822 944 179 - 01 - 1101...
  • Page 2: Dear Customer

    Dear customer, Please read these operating instructions through carefully. Please make sure you read the safety instructions on the first pages of these operating instructions! Keep the operating instructions for future reference. Pass them on to any future owners. With the warning triangle and/or by means of key words (Danger!, Caution!, Attention!), information is emphasized which is important for your safety or the correct functioning of...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Important Safety Information ....4 Program tables ......18 General Information .
  • Page 4: Important Safety Information

    Incompetently carried out repairs can entail considerable hazards for the Utilisation in accordance with the user. Please get in touch with our customer serv- ice or with an authorised Electrolux dealer when intended purpose repair is necessary. •...
  • Page 5: General Information

    • If the dryer is placed adjacent to a gas, coal or • Check that the tumble dryer is not standing on the electric cooking stove, interpose a thermally insu- mains cable. lating non-combustible plate between the dryer • The technical conditions of the electric power sup- and the stove (dimensions: 85x57,5cm).
  • Page 6: Environmental Protection Tips

    Environmental protection tips • Your laundry will become light and soft in the tum- This is based on the principle: the better you spin the ble dryer even without a fabric softening agent. washing before drying the more economical the dryer •...
  • Page 7: The Key Features Of Your Appliance

    The key features of your appliance • Program or time setting via the program selector • AUDIBLE SIGNAL (SIGNAL) can be selected in addition; an intermittent audible signal is sounded after the end of the program. • SPECIAL CARE (SCHON) button for gentle dry- ing of sensitive fabrics •...
  • Page 8: Description Of The Appliance

    Description of the appliance Front view Water reservoir Fluff filter with handle flap Control panel Interior Light Rating plate Vent Reversable door Condenser Unit Feet (all height-adjustable) behind Removal Plinth...
  • Page 9: Control Panel

    Control panel A Program selector: for setting the drying program B Drying degree indicator: Shows the achieved extent of drying; this enables you to take-out indi- vidual pieces of laundry at the right time during the drying process. C Buttons and display block –...
  • Page 10: The Program Selector

    The program selector • OFF (AUS): The tumble dryer is switched off. • LIGHT (BELEUCHTUNG): The drum light switches on when the door is opened. • Program group COTTON (BAUMWOLLE): Programs for drying cotton and linen fabrics; maximum load 5 kg. •...
  • Page 11: Brief Instructions

    Brief instructions • Ensure the laundry is well spun before tumble dry- ing. • Prepare the laundry. • Open the door and insert washing. • Shut the door. Attention! Do not catch washing in the door. • Select the drying program –...
  • Page 12: Drying

    Drying Prepare the laundry • To prevent tangled bundles of laundry: Close zip • Turn clothing consisting of double-layer fabric fasteners; button-up bed linen and pillow cases; inside out (such as cotton-lined anoraks with the tie-together loose tapes, e.g. aprons. cotton layer facing outwards).
  • Page 13: Select The Drying Program

    Select the drying program 1. Select the suitable drying program using the pro- gram selector (see "Program tables"). 2. If required, select the button AUDIBLE SIGNAL (SIGNAL) or SPECIAL CARE (SCHON). • AUDIBLE SIGNAL (SIGNAL) button • During the crease-protection phase (immediately after the drying process), an acoustic signal is sounded at certain intervals (see "End of drying process").
  • Page 14: Start The Drying Program

    Start the drying program 1. Press button START/PAUSE (START/ PAUSE). The drying programme begins. You can check the progress of the drying procedure in the pro- gramme progress display. Removing laundry or loading laundry when necessary You can interrupt the drying process at any time to remove some of the laundry or to add more laundry.
  • Page 15: Empty The Water Reservoir

    Empty the water reservoir Caution! The condensed water is not suita- ble for drinking or for use with foodstuffs. The water reservoir should be emptied after every drying programme. This avoids interruption of a pro- gramme when the water reservoir is full. 1.
  • Page 16: Clean The Fluff Filter

    Clean the fluff filter To ensure efficient operation of the tumble dryer, clean the fluff filter after each drying program. Also check whether there are any remnants or fluff from the washing in the drum; remove immediately. 1. Press the catch of the filter lid downwards. The filter lid will open.
  • Page 17: Cleaning The Condenser

    Cleaning the condenser Important! When the CONDENSER (WÄR- METAUSCHER) display lights, it is essential to clean the condenser. Otherwise your dryer might suffer damage. In addition energy con- sumption will be increased if the condenser unit is covered with fluff. 1.
  • Page 18: Program Tables

    Program tables Program group COTTONS (BAUMWOLLE), care symbols R, Q; maximum load 5 kg Program Laundry Type Examples for EXTRA DRY Heavy weight or mult-layered fabrics Towelling material, bath robes (EXTRATROCKEN) VERY DRY thick textiles that are to be thoroughly Towelling, terry towels (STARKTROCKEN) dried.
  • Page 19: A Small Glossary Of Textile Information

    Program WOOL (WOLLPFLEGE), maximum load 1kg To freshen up the wool fibres of woollen garments after they have been line dried, worn or stored for longer peri- ods they can be treated briefly using warm air. The wool emerges beautifully soft. Recommendation: remove fabrics immediately after drying.
  • Page 20: Cleaning And Maintenance

    Cleaning and maintenance Cleaning the condenser For information on cleaning the condenser see sec- Important! When the CONDENSER (WÄR- tion "Cleaning and maintenance, cleaning the con- METAUSCHER) display lights, it is essential denser". to clean the condenser. Otherwise your dryer might suffer damage.
  • Page 21: Something Not Working

    Something not working? If the tumble dryer is not working correctly please carry out the following checks before calling an engi- neer. Symptom Possible cause Solution The appliance is not plugged in Plug in the appliance The fuse has blown Check the fuse The START/PAUSE (START/ Press the START/PAUSE (START/...
  • Page 22: Replace The Interior Light

    Replace the interior light 1. A replacement bulb can be purchased through your local Electrolux Service Force Centre (Part No: 647072580). Warning! Never use standard light bulbs in your dryer.
  • Page 23: Door Reversal Instructions

    Door Reversal Instructions The door opening direction can be changed if required. Warning! Before reversing the door, isolate the appliance from the mains supply. Proceed as follows to reverse the door opening direc- tion: A C B A C B 1.
  • Page 24: Programming Possibilities

    Programming possibilities The electronic control system of your laundry dryer provides you with the possibility to adapt some func- tions of the dryer permanently to your requirements. Purpose Execution When a drying program is set at the program selector and the START/PAUSE "Laundry protection": If you want (START/PAUSE) button has been pressed: to "lock"...
  • Page 25: Technical Data

    Technical data Height x Width x Depth 85x60x60cm (5 kg Cotton, spun at 800 revolutions per minute, program COTTON CUPBOARD DRY - BAUMWOLLE Depth with the door open 117cm SCHRANKTROCKEN) Height adjustable from 1.0/–0.4cm Area of use Household Empty weight approx.
  • Page 26: Stacking Kit

    Stacking kit With these kits you can combine your laundry dryer The following two kits are available: with any LAVAMAT automatic washing machine to a washing and drying column. The appliances are – without plate E-No. 916 018 900 stacked in space-economising manner in this –...
  • Page 27: Points De Service

    Servicestellen Points de Service 6032 Emmen 1028 Préverenges Buholzstrasse 1 Le Trési 6 9000 St. Gallen Points de vente de rechange Vonwilstrasse 15 5506 Mägenwil 8048 Zürich Industriestrasse 10 Badenerstrasse 587 0848/ 848 023 8604 Volketswil Hölzliwisenstrasse 12 Demonstration/Vente 8048 Zürich 7000 Chur Badenerstrase 587 Comercialstrasse 19...

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