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Electrolux EDC47130W User Manual page 8

Sensor dry 7kg condenser dryer
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8 use electrolux
At the end of the program the selector dial
must be turned to position O, to switch the
machine off.
If you turn the program selector dial to another
program when the machine is working, the
lights or the program progress display start to
flash. The machine will not perform the new
selected program.
Program Option buttons
Depending on the program, different functions
can be combined. These must be selected
after choosing the desired program and before
depressing the Start/Pause button.
When these buttons are pressed, the
corresponding pilot lights come on. When they
are pressed again, the pilot lights go out.
Select Delicate
Pressing this button allows drying to be performed
at a lower temperature, for delicate items.
The corresponding pilot light comes on. This
option can also be used for time controlled drying.
DELICATE is only suitable for use with loads of
up to 3kg!
When the program has finished the pilot light
End/Anticrease is on.
Select the Textile
Press the Textile button repeatedly, to select the
desired option. The relevant light will light up.
You can select 2 different options:
Cotton Cycle: to be used for cotton.
When the program has finished the pilot light
End/Anticrease is on.
Synthetics: to be used for synthetic or
delicate items. When the program has finished
the pilot light End/Anticrease is on.
Select the Start/Pause
Press this button to start the dryer after
having selected the program and the options.
The relevant light will stop flashing. If the
program selector dial is turned to another
position when the machine is running, the
buzzer will sound and the program phase
indicator lights will flash.
The drum turns alternately in both directions
during drying.
All drying programs end with a 10 minute
cooling phase (Cooling light is on).
You may remove the laundry after this phase.
The lights
and the buzzer sounds.
If the door of the appliance or the small door
at the bottom is opened while the program
is running, this button must be pressed again
after closing the door in order to restart
the program from the point at which it was
interrupted. This button must be depressed
also after a power failure and after having
reinserted the water tank, if it has been
emptied in the middle of a program.
Water Tank

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