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What To Do If; Troubleshooting By Yourself - Electrolux TK K2 E User Manual

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What to do if ...

Troubleshooting by yourself

If, during operation, the dryer shows an error (one or more leds flashing on the
control panel), check first of all whether you can remedy the problem yourself by
means of the table below. If you cannot solve the problem: Switch the machine off
and on again. Reset programme. Press the Start/Pause button. If the error is still
shown, please contact our after-sales service and inform them which leds are flash-
Dryer does not work.
Drying results
Possible cause
Mains plug is not plugged in
or fuse is not working
Loading door is open.
Have you pressed the Start/
Pause button?
Wrong programme selec-
Lint filters clogged.
Fluff filter clogged.
Heat exchanger clogged
with lint.
Overloading of laundry.
Ventilation slots in base area
covered up.
Residue on inside surface of
drum or drum ribs.
Conductance of water at in-
stallation site differs from
standard setting of machine.
what to do if ... electrolux 25
Plug in at mains socket.
Check fuse in fuse box
(domestic installation).
Close loading door.
Press the Start/Pause but-
ton again.
Select a different pro-
gramme the next time you
dry (see "Programme chart"
Clean lint filters.
Clean fluff filter.
Clean heat exchanger.
Observe recommended
loading volumes.
Uncover ventilation slots in
base area.
Clean inside surface of drum
and drum ribs.
Re-programme standard
setting for degree of drying
(see 'Machine settings'


Table of Contents

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