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If the condensate tank is full, an active programme will break off automatically and
the warning led light up. In order to continue the programme, the condensate tank
must first be emptied.
The condensate is not suitable for drinking or for preparing foodstuffs.
Take out drawer containing condensed water container completely 1 and pull
up the condensed water container's drainage pipe as far as it will go 2.
Pour condensed water out into a basin or similar receptacle.
3. Slide outlet connections in and refit condensate tank.
If the programme has been interrupted as a result of the condensate tank being
full: Press the Start/Pause button to continue the drying cycle.
The condensate tank has a volume of approx. 3.6 litres. This is sufficient for
around 6 kg of laundry which has previously been spun at 1000 revolutions/
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