Starting The Programme; Changing Programme - Electrolux TK K2 E User Manual

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16 electrolux daily use

Starting the programme

Press the Start/Pause button. Led above stops flashing, becomes steady. The pro-
gramme is started. Lighting status LED shows you cycle run.

Changing programme

To change a programme which has been selected by mistake once the programme
has started, first turn the programme selector to OFF Aus position. The programme
is cancelled.
The programme can no longer be changed directly once the programme
has started. If nevertheless there is an attempt to change the programme
on the programme knob or if an function button (excluding the BUZZER
Signal button) is pressed, led above Start/Pause button starts flashing
temporarily in yellow. The drying programme is not however affected by
this (laundry protection).
Putting in extra items or taking items out before end of programme
1. Open loading door.
Laundry and drum can become hot. Risk of burns!
2. Load or remove laundry items.
3. Close loading securely. Lock must audibly lock.
4. Press the Start/Pause button to continue the drying cycle.

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents