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Electrolux T4190 Installation Manual

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Summary of Contents for Electrolux T4190

  • Page 1 Installation manual T4190 Compass Control 487 05 42 61.00...
  • Page 3: Safety Instructions

    Safety instructions Safety instructions This machine is only intended for drying water-washed garments. Clothes that have been cleaned with chemicals/inflammable liquids, must NOT be dried in the machine. Remove clothes from the tumble dryer as soon as they are dry. This prevents them from becoming creased, and reduces the risk of spontaneous ignition.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Contents Contents Safety instructions ..................3 Technical data ....................6 Unpackning ....................8 Ship installation .................... 9 Door reversal ....................10 Installation ....................11 Function check ................... 21 The manufacturer reserves the right to modify design and material specifications without notice.
  • Page 6: Technical Data

    Technical data Technical data Heating Electric Drum volume: 190 litres 190 litres Weight: 103 kg 103 kg Drum: Diameter 680 mm 680 mm Depth 555 mm 555 mm 50 rpm 50 rpm G-factor Capacity: Factor 1:25 7.5 kg 7.5 kg Factor 1:33 5.8 kg 5.8 kg...
  • Page 7 Technical data Dimension sketch Door opening Gas connection El. connection Pipe connection, evacuation Connection for external control 1130 1445...
  • Page 8: Unpackning

    Unpacking Unpacking Unpack the dryer from the packaging. Loosen the dryer from the pallet by cutting the plastic ribbons. Positioning Place the tumble dryer to ensure that work can be done as easily as possible by the user and the service technician alike.
  • Page 9: Ship Installation

    Ship installation Ship installation To ensure the steadiness of the dryer it is important to fasten it to the delivered base. Fasten the 4 fi ttings (supplied with the dryer) to the foundation using 4 x M10 set screws or other devices of the same dimension (not supplied). The 4 feet from the dryer are mounted on the base and the feet are fastened to the fi...
  • Page 10: Door Reversal

    Door Door reversal The door reversal illustrated below is on a lefthinged door. Reversing the door • Disconnect the power to the dryer. On the dryer • Demount T-fi tting A and screw the screws back into the same holes (in order to secure the plate on the back).
  • Page 11: Installation

    Installation Evacuation system Fresh-air For maximum effi ciency and the shortest possible drying time, it is important to ensure that fresh air is able to enter the room from the outside in the same volume as that blown out of the room.
  • Page 12 Installation Exhaust duct It is recommended that each dryer be connected separately to a smooth air outlet pipe with the lowest possible friction. If more than one dryer is connected to the same outlet pipe, the pipe diameter must be increased after each dryer, just as all dryers must be equipped with a back draft damper to prevent humid air from running back into dryers...
  • Page 13 Installation Gas installation To be carried out by qualifi ed personnel Mount a manual shutt-off valve prior to the dryer. The gas pipe to the dryer must be dimensioned to an output of 6.6 kW / 8 kW. From factory the nozzle pressure setting corresponds to the heating value printed on the data label on the back of the dryer.
  • Page 14 Installation Gas valve To adjust the pressure unscrew the 6 screws on the cover plate at the back of the dryer. 1. Nozzle 2. Measuring branch, nozzle pressure 3. Nipple 4. Adjusting screw 5. Control Box, gas valve 6. Measuring branch, supply pressure Test run 1.
  • Page 15 Installation Converting to another type of gas If the dryer is to be converted to another type of gas, the gas nozzle and the air reducing plate must be replaced, see tables on the following pages. If the dryer is to be converted to LPG, use the air reducing plate and the matching nozzle.
  • Page 16 Installation Changing the nozzle 1. Shut off the manual gas valve. 2. Disconnect the electrical power supply. 3. Unscrew the back plate. 4. Dismount the electrode wire on the left side of the heating box, fi g 1. 5. Dismount the compression nut and the compression ring.
  • Page 17 Installation Gas installation Tables of pressure and adjustments T4190 heat effect: 6 kW Gas type Connection Nozzle Nozzle Air reducing Pressure Pressure plates Denmark Norway 2.35 Sweden Finland Italy 28/37 28/37 England 2.35 Spain Portugal Ireland Greece France 28/37 28/37...
  • Page 18 Installation Gas installation Tables of pressure and adjustments T4190 heat effect: 8 kW Gas type Connection Nozzle Nozzle Air reducing Pressure Pressure plates Denmark 1.45 Norway 2.65 Sweden Finland Italy 28/37 28/37 1.45 England 2.65 Spain Portugal Ireland Greece France...
  • Page 19 Installation Electric installation Electrical installation must be carried out by an authorized personnel! It is important to know that the machines are designed to provide a high level of personal safety, which is why items of external equipment such as earth leakage circuit breakers are not necessary. If you still want to connect your machine across an earth leakage circuity breaker, please remember the following: •...
  • Page 20 Installation Single-phase connection Connect Earth wire to GND terminal, Live to terminal L1 and Neutral to terminal N as shown in the example in the fi gure. When the installation is completed, check: • That the drum is empty. • Turn on the main switch and choose a drying External connection program.
  • Page 21: Function Check

    Function check Function check Check that the drum is empty and the door has been closed. Start the dryer Check that the door switch is working. The drum must stop if the front door is opened. Check the direction of rotation This is done by selecting the “No heat”...
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