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Duplicate Keys - Ducati SUPERSPORT800 Owner's Manual

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When the ignition key is turned to OFF, the immobilizer
inhibits engine operation.
When the ignition key is turned back to ON to start the
engine, the following happens:
1) if the CPU recognised the code, the CODE light on the
instrument panel will flash briefly. This means that the
immobilizer system has recognised the key code and
enabled engine ignition. When you press the START
button, the engine will start up.
2) If the CODE light stays on, it means that the code has
not been recognised. When this is the case, turn the
ignition key back to OFF and then to ON again. If the
engine still does not start, try with another black key.
If the other key does not work out either, contact the
DUCATI Service network.
3) Should the CODE pilot light still be flashing, it means
that an immobilizer system fault was reset (e.g. with the
overriding procedure through throttle grip). Turn the key
to OFF and back to ON, the immobilizer pilot light should
go back to its normal operation (see point 1).
The keys accommodate electronic components
inside. If dropped or hit, they might damage.
Use only one key during the procedure. Failure to do so
might prevent the system from recognizing the code of
the key in use.

Duplicate keys

If you need any duplicate keys, contact the DUCATI
Service network with all the keys you have left and your
DUCATI Service will program new keys and re-program
your original keys, up to 8 keys in total.
You may be asked to identify yourself as the legitimate
owner of the motorcycle. Be sure you have any
documents you might need to this end ready.
The codes of any keys not submitted will be wiped off
from the memory to make those keys unserviceable in
case they have been lost.
If you sell your motorcycle, do not forget to give all
keys and the CODE CARD to the new owner.


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