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Riding safety
The points given below are applicable for every day
motorcycle use and shoud be carefully observed for safe
and effective vehicle operation.
A motorcycle does not provide the impact protection of
an automobile, so defensive riding in addition to wearing
protective apparel is extremely important.
Do not let protective apparel give you a false sense of
Before changing lanes, look over your shoulder to make
sure the way is clear. Do not rely solely on the rear view
mirror; you may misjudge a vehicle's distance and speed,
or you may not see it at all.
When going up steep slopes, shift to a lower gear so that
there is plenty of power to spare rather than overloading
the engine.
When applying the brakes, use both the front and rear
brakes. Applying only one brake for sudden braking may
cause the motorcycle to skid and lose control.
When going down long slopes, control vehicle speed by
closing the throttle. Use the front and rear brakes for
auxiliary braking.
Riding at the proper rate of speed and avoiding
unnecessarily fast acceleration are important not only for
safety and low fuel consumption but also for long vehicle
life and quieter operation.
When riding in wet conditions or on loose roadway
surfaces, the ability to maneuver will be reduced. All of
your actions should be smooth under these conditions.
Sudden acceleration, braking or turning may cause loss
of control.
When the roadway is wet, rely more on the throttle to
control vehicle speed and less on the front and rear
The throttle should also be used judiciously to avoid
skidding the rear wheel from too rapid acceleration or
On rough roads, exercise caution, slow down, and grip
the fuel tank with your knees for better stability.
When quick acceleration is necessary as in passing, shift
to a lower gear to obtain the necessary power.
Do not down shift at too high an r.p.m. to avoid damage
to the engine from overreving.
Avoiding unnecessary weaving is important to the safety
of both the rider and other motorists.
Do not exceed the legal speed limit or drive too fast for
existing conditions. High speed increases the influence
of any condition affecting stability and the loss of control.
Operate motorcycle only at moderate speed and out of
traffic until you have become thoroughly familiar with its
operation and handling characteristics under all
conditions. This is a very high performance motorcycle,
designed and intended for use by experienced careful
riders only!
A new motorcycle must be operated according to a
special break-in procedure (see Running in
Before starting engine, check for proper operation
of brake, clutch, shifter, throttle controls, correct fuel and
oil supply.


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