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Braking; Stopping The Motorcycle - Ducati SUPERSPORT800 Owner's Manual

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Slow down in time, shift down to engine-brake first and
then brake applying both brakes. Pull the clutch lever
before stopping the motorcycle, to avoid sudden engine
Use both brake lever and pedal for effective
braking. Using only one of the brakes will give you less
braking power.
Never use brake controls harshly or violently or you may
lock the wheels and lose control of the motorcycle.
When riding in the rain or on slippery surfaces, braking
will become less effective. Always use the brakes very
gently and carefully when riding under these conditions.
Any sudden manoeuvres may lead to loss of control.
When tackling long, high-gradient downhill road tracts,
shift down gears to use engine braking. Apply one brake
at a time and use brakes sparingly. Keeping the brakes
applied all the time would cause the friction material to
overheat and dangerously reduce braking power.
Underinflated tyres reduce braking efficiency, steering
accuracy and road holding in a bend.

Stopping the motorcycle

If you let go of the throttle twistgrip, the motorcycle will
slow down gradually and smoothly. Then, shift down
releasing the clutch, and finally change from first to
neutral. Apply brakes and you will bring the motorcycle
to a complete stop.
To switch the engine off, simply turn the key to OFF
(page 18).
Never leave the key in the ON position when
engine is stopped, or this will damage the electric


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