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Integrated barbecue
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6 installation warnings/installation instructions electrolux integrated barbecue

Installation warnings

open air situation with natural ventilation without
stagnant areas, where gas leakage and product of
combustion are rapidly dispersed by wind or natural
convection. This barbecue has been designed for
outdoor use only. Refer to diagrams on right.
shed or breezeway or inside a boat, caravan or
recreational vehicle. This is to prevent the possibility of
fire or carbon monoxide poisoning or asphyxiation.
comply with one of the following:
– An enclosure with walls on all sides, but at least
one permanent opening at the ground level and no
overhead covering.
– Within a partial enclosure that includes an overhead
cover and no more than 2 walls.
– Within a partial enclosure that includes an overhead
cover and more than 2 walls, the following shall apply:
– at least 25% of the total wall area is completely
open and at least 30% of the remaining wall area
is open and unrestricted
the side, back and front wall areas shall be and remain
open and unrestricted.
Outdoor area example 1
Outdoor area example 2
Outdoor area example 3
both ends
Outdoor area example 4
Outdoor area example 5
open side at
30% or more
least 25% of
in total of the
total wall area
remaining wall
area is open and
open side at
30% or more
least 25% of
in total of the
total wall area
remaining wall
area is open and

Installation instructions

Choosing a location
material. A minimum clearance from any combustible
materials is 450mm (18").
combustible materials must be at least 600mm.
Australian Standards AS 4557 and AS 5601 and in
accordance with local authority.
provided. Gas is highly explosive and can cause serious
injury and damage to property if allowed to accumulate
and then be ignited.
with a minimum depth of 600 mm.
performance and burner efficiency. If this situation
cannot be avoided some shielding may be necessary.
The mounting enclosure
the barbecue to prevent excessive temperatures being
accessed. The barrier panel is to be placed 30mm
under the base of unit. There are spacers added to
bottom of unit to prevent barrier panel being too close
to barbecue base. Refer to diagram on next page.
non-combustible materials. Suitable materials for
construction include masonry, granite, marble,
, Villaboard
enclosure. See diagram below for details.
bench or a bench with a splashback. Please read the
specific requirements for each mounting situation.
Island style installation
centrally positioned. Special attention should be given
to the overall size of the island top to consider the hood
open and the overhang. Please see below.
indicated below must be allowed for. A suitable grille can
be fitted if desired. This vent area is to allow air into the
enclosure for the correct combustion of gases and for
the correct exhausting of the products of combustion. In
the case of LPG the gas is heavier than air, this vent in
the situation where there may be a leak allows the gas to
escape from the enclosure. This vent must be
700mm x 25mm minimum and positioned centrally
135mm below the mounting surface. (see diagram).
Installing in a bench with a splashback
or fence it is imperative that care be taken to ensure
the isolation of combustible materials. All combustible
materials must be kept 450mm away from the
over a metal frame or tiles.


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