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Quick Program View; Cc (Closed Caption Display) - Haier HL40XSL2b Owner's Manual

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Program information in the guide is provided by
the broadcasters. As a result, it may sometimes
include only the channel number, without a
program title or description.
A: Program title
B: Program options
C: Program show time

Quick program view

Press to jump back and forth between two channels. The
TV alternates between the current channel and the last
channel that was selected.
Suppose the channel number you used just now is
8 and the channel number you are using is 18 (as
shown in the figure).
If you want to return to the last watched program
channel 8, you can simply press RECALL button.
If you want to return to channel 18, press the button again.

CC (Closed Caption Display)

Closed Captions
Closed captioning is a process which converts the
D: Program details
E: Program rating categories
audio portion of a television program into written
words which then appear as subtitles on the television
screen. Closed captions allow viewers to read the
dialogue and narration of television programs.
Using Closed Captions
Captions are the subtitles of the dialogue and
narration of television programs. For prerecorded
programs, program dialogue can be arranged
into captions in advance. Its possible to caption a
live program by using a process called real-time
captioning, which creates captions instantly.
Real-time captioning is normally done by professional
reporters using a machine shorthand system and
computer for translation into English. Captioning is
an effective system for the hearing-impaired, and it
can also aid in teaching language skills.
In ATV mode CCD function allows you to configure
the way you choose to view the digital captioning
(Off, CC 1, CC 2, CC 3, CC 4, Text 1, Text 2, Text 3 or
Text 4).
The term for the words that scroll across the bottom
of the TV screen; usually the audio portion of the
program provided for the hearing impaired.
The term for the words that appear in a large black
frame and almost cover the entire screen; usually
messages provided by the broadcaster.
In DTV mode allows you to configure the way you
choose to view the digital captioning (Off, service 1,
service 2, service 3, service 4, service 5 or service 6).
Select one of the digital service channels made
available by the caption provider.
There are 6 standard services. Service 1 is designated
as the Primary Caption Service. This service contains
the verbatim, or near-verbatim captions for the
primary language being spoken in the accompanying
program audio. Service 2 is designated as the
Secondary Language Service. This service contains
captions in a secondary language which are
translations of the captions in the primary Caption
Service. The other service subchannels are not pre-
assigned. It is up to the discretion of the individual
caption provider to utilize the remaining service


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