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Connecting Headphones; Power Source; Removing The Table Stand And Installing A Wall Mount Bracket - Haier HL40XSL2b Owner's Manual

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How To Use
If the source device supports Auto DVI function,
the output resolution of the source device will be
automatically set to 1280 720 p.
If the source device does not support Auto DVI, you
need to set the output resolution appropriately.
To get the best picture quality, adjust the output
resolution of the source device to 1280 720 p.
Press the INPUT button to select HDMI input source
in input source option of Select Main source menu.

Connecting Headphones

You can connect a set of headphones to your set
if you wish to watch a TV programme without
disturbing the other people in the room.
Back of TV
Plug a set of headphones into the 3.5 mm mini-jack
socket on the side panel of the set.
Prolonged use of headphones at a high volume
may damage your hearing.
You will not receive sound from the speakers when
you connect headphones to the system.

Power source

Use the AC polarized line cord provided for
operation on AC. Insert the AC cord plug into a
standard polarized AC outlet.
Never connect the AC line cord plug to other than
the specified voltage. Use the attached power cord
If the polarized AC cord does not fit into a non-
polarized AC outlet, do not attempt to file or cut
the blade. It is the user's responsibility to have an
electrician replace the obsolete outlet.
If you cause a static discharge when touching the
unit and the unit fails to function, simply unplug
the unit from the AC outlet and plug it back in. The
unit should return to normal operation.
Removing the table stand and
installing a wall mount bracket
Remove 5 M4 screws
securing the stand to
the TV, then remove
the stand.
Use 4 M8 screws
to secure the wall
bracket (not supplied)
to the back of your TV.


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