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Power-Up Options - Fluke 116C User Manual

True-rms multimeter
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When you turn the Meter on, it defaults to Autorange and
Auto is displayed.
1. To enter the Manual Range mode, press q.
Manual is displayed.
2. In the Manual Range mode, press qto increment the
range. After the highest range, the Meter wraps to the
lowest range.
You cannot manually change the range in the
MIN MAX AVG or Display HOLD modes.
If you press qwhile in MIN MAX AVG or
Display Hold, the Meter beeps twice, indicating
an invalid operation, and the range does not
3. To exit Manual Range, press q for at least 1 second
or turn the rotary switch. The Meter returns to
Autorange and Auto is displayed.

Power-Up Options

To select a Power-Up Option, hold down the button
indicated in the following table while turning the Meter on.
Power-Up Options are canceled when you turn the Meter
off and when sleep mode is activated.
Turns on all display segments.
Disables beeper. bEEP is displayed when
Enables low impedance capacitance
measurements. LCAP is displayed when
enabled. See page 14.
Disables automatic power-down ("Sleep
mode"). PoFF is displayed when enabled.
Disables auto backlight off. LoFF is
displayed when enabled.
Making Basic Measurements
The figures on the following pages show how to make
basic measurements.
When connecting the test leads to the circuit or device,
connect the common (COM) test lead before connecting
the live lead; when removing the test leads, remove the live
lead before removing the common test lead.
True-rms Multimeter
Power-Up Options
Power-Up Options



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