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Fluke 116C User Manual page 10

True-rms multimeter
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Users Manual
Battery Saver ("Sleep Mode")
The Meter automatically enters "Sleep mode" and blanks
the display if there is no function change, range change or
button press for 20 minutes. Pressing any button or
turning the rotary switch awakens the Meter. To disable the
Sleep mode, hold down the g button while turning the
Meter on. The Sleep mode is always disabled in the MIN
MAX AVG mode.
MIN MAX AVG Recording Mode
The MIN MAX AVG recording mode captures the minimum
and maximum input values (ignoring overloads), and
calculates a running average of all readings. When a new
high or low is detected, the Meter beeps.
Put the Meter in the desired measurement function and
Press p to enter MIN MAX AVG mode.
Mand MAX are displayed and the highest
reading detected since entering MIN MAX AVG is
Press p to step through the low (MIN), average
(AVG), and present readings.
To pause MIN MAX AVG recording without erasing
stored values, press f. K is displayed.
To resume MIN MAX AVG recording, press fagain.
To exit and erase stored readings, press p for at
least one second or turn the rotary switch.
Display HOLD
To avoid electric shock, when Display
HOLD is activated, be aware that the
display will not change when you
apply a different voltage.
In the Display HOLD mode, the Meter freezes the display.
1. Press fto activate Display HOLD. (K is
2. To exit and return to normal operation, press f or
turn the rotary switch.
to toggle the backlight on and off. The backlight
automatically turns off after 40 seconds. To disable
backlight auto-off, hold down Q while turning the Meter
Manual and Autoranging
The Meter has both Manual and Autorange modes.
In the Autorange mode, the Meter selects the range with
the best resolution.
In the Manual Range mode, you override Autorange and
select the range yourself.



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