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Safety During Use; Safety When Cleaning - Electrolux 67160KFN 67160 KF-N User Manual

Ceramic glass induction hob
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Safety during use

• Remove stickers and film from the glass ceramic.
• There is the risk of burns from the appliance if used carelessly.
• Cables from electrical appliances must not touch the hot surface of the appli-
ance or hot cookware.
• Overheated fats and oils can ignite very quickly. Warning! Fire hazard!
• Switch the cooking zones off after each use.
• Users with implanted pacemakers should keep their upper body at least 30 cm
from induction cooking zones that are switched on.
• Risk of burns! Do not place objects made of metal, such as knives, forks,
spoons and saucepan lids on the cooking surface, as they can get hot.

Safety when cleaning

• For cleaning, the appliance must be switched off and cooled down.
• For safety reasons, the cleaning of the appliance with steam jet or high-pres-
sure cleaning equipment is not permitted.
How to avoid damage to the appliance
• The glass ceramic can be damaged by objects falling onto it.
• The edge of the glass ceramic can be damaged by being knocked by the cook-
• Cookware made of cast iron, cast aluminium or with damaged bottoms can
scratch the glass ceramic if pushed across the surface.
• Objects that melt and things that boil over can burn onto the glass ceramic
and should be removed straightaway.
• Do not use the cooking zones with empty cookware or without cookware.
• To avoid damaging cookware and glass ceramics, do not allow saucepans or
frying pans to boil dry.
• The ventilation gap of 5mm between the worktop and front of the unit un-
derneath it must not be covered.
Safety instructions



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