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Instructions For Use; Electric Safety; Safety For Children; Safety During Operation - Electrolux 599 50 74 38 Service Manual

Ceramic-glass cooktop
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The safety of this appliance meets the acknowledged rules of technology and the Safety Rule for
Appliances. Additionally, however, we as the producer feel ourselves obliged to familiarize you with
subsequent safety information.

Electric Safety

Assembly and connection of the new appliance must only be performed by licensed specialists.
Please pay attention to this advice, as otherwise in case of arising damages the claim under
guarantee will be ruled out.
Repairs of the appliance may only be performed by specialists. Improper repairs may cause
considerable dangers. In case of repairs please appeal to our after-sales service or to your
specialized dealer.
In case that malfunctions of the appliance, breaks, fissures or cracks arise:
switch off all cooking zones
switch off the fuse for the cooking surface or take it out.

Safety for Children

During cooking and frying the cooking zones will get hot. Therefore keep always little children away.
Safety during Use
Use this appliance only for the usual home cooking and frying of meals.
Do not use the cooking surface for room heating.
Be careful when connecting electric appliances to sockets near the appliance. Connection lines
must not come into contact with hot cooking zones.
Overheated fats and oils will ignite rapidly. When you prepare meals in fat or oil (e.g. French Fries),
you should observe the cooking process.
Switch off the cooking zones after every use.

Safety during Cleanup

For reasons of safety it is not permitted to clean the appliance with a steam jet or high-pressure water
TSE-N 01.00 A. B.
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