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Electrolux 65557 G-M Instruction Booklet

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Pуководство по эксплуатации
Варочные панели



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  Summary of Contents for Electrolux 65557 G-M

  • Page 1 65557 G-M 65857 G-M instruction booklet gas hob Pуководство по эксплуатации Варочные панели...
  • Page 3 Thank you for choosing a first class product from Electrolux, which hopefully will provide you with lots of pleasure in the future. The Electrolux ambition is to offer a wide variety of quality products that make your life more comfortable.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Contents For the User Important Safety Information ..........................5 Operation ..................................7 Using the hob correctly ............................8 Cleaning and Maintenance ..........................9 Guarantee ................................20 For the Installer Technical data ................................. 11 Installation ................................13 Adaptation to different types of gas ......................15 Electrical Connection ............................
  • Page 5: Important Safety Information

    English Important safety information This warnings has been given for the safety of you and others. We therefore ask you to carefully read the procedures of installing and using this cooker. Installation • If the appliance is out of order, disconnect it from the electric supply.
  • Page 6 on its packaging indicates that this product • This appliance is not connected to a may not be treated as household waste. Instead combustion products evacuation device. It it shall be handed over to the applicable must be installed and connected in accordance with current installation collection point for the recycling of electrical regulations.
  • Page 7: Operation

    Operation Hob burner control knobs Do not keep the control knob pressed for The symbols on the knobs mean: more than 15 seconds. = no gas supply If the burner does not light even after 15 = maximum gas supply seconds, release the control knob, turn it the "off"...
  • Page 8: Using The Hob Correctly

    Using the hob correctly Practical hints The burners To ensure maximum burner efficiency, • As soon as a liquid starts boiling, turn down the flame so that it will barely keep the you should only use pots and pans with a flat liquid simmering.
  • Page 9: Cleaning And Maintenance

    Cleaning and Mainteinance Disconnect the appliance from the electrical supply, before carrying out any cleaning or manteinance work. The hob is best cleaned whilst it is still warm, as spillage can be removed more easily than if it is left to cool.
  • Page 10 The Hob Top Regularly wipe over the hob top using a soft cloth well wrung out in warm water to which a little wasing up liquid has been added. Avoid the use of the following: - household detergent and bleaches; - impregnated pads unsuitable for non- stick saucepans;...
  • Page 11: Technical Data

    Technical data Burner gas power (natural gas 20 mbar) Triple crown burner (65857 G-M) 4,0kW Rapid burner (65557 G-M) 3,0 kW Semi-rapid burner 2,0 kW Auxiliary burner 1,0 kW Category II2H3B/P Gas supply natural gas G20 (2H) 20 mbar Gas connection G 1/2"...
  • Page 12: Gas Burners

    Gas burners G20 13 mbar - only Russia NORMAL NORMAL REDUCED POWER POWER POWER BURNER NATURAL GAS G20 - 13 mbar inj. 100/mm Auxiliary burner 0,33 0,095 Semi-rapid burner 0,45 0,148 Rapid burner 0,75 0,201 ( 65557 G-M) Triple crown burner 0,318 (65857 G-M)
  • Page 13: Installation

    Installation The following instructions about ramp by means of a threaded nut G 1/2". In- installation and maintenance must be terpose the sealing between the components carried out by qualified personnel in as shown in figure. Screw the parts without compliance with the regulation in force.
  • Page 14 - expiry term is not due. If one or more abnormalities are seen, do not Natural gas repair the pipe, but replace it. IMPORTANT Once installation is complete, check the perfectseal of every pipe fitting, using a soapy solution, never a flame. Liquid gas A) Ramp with ending nut B) Seal...
  • Page 15: Adaptation To Different Types Of Gas

    Adaptation to different types of gas A. Injectors replacement • Remove the pan supports. • Remove the burner's caps and crowns. • With a socket spanner 7 unscrew and remove the injectors (Fig. 1), and replace them with the ones required for the type of gas in use (see table: Gas Burners).
  • Page 16: Electrical Connection

    Electrical Connection Remplacement of the voltage cable The appliance is designed to be connected to 230 V monophase electricity The connection of the voltage cable to supply. the appliance's terminal block is of type "Y". The connection must be carried out in This means that its replacement requires the compliance with the laws and regulations in specific equipment of a technician.
  • Page 17: Building In

    Building In 65557 G-M 65857 G-M Fig. 4 A = Auxiliary burner SR = Semi-rapid burner Dimensions are given in millimeters R = Rapid burner TC = Triple Crown burner These hobs can be inserted in a built-in kitchen unit whose depth is between 550 and 600 mm.
  • Page 18 2. Place the hob in the cut out, taking care that it is centred. 3. Fix the hob with the relevant fixing clamps, supplied with the injectors kit (see diagram). When the screws have been tightened, the excess seal can be removed.
  • Page 19: Possibilities For Insertion

    Possibilities for insertion Kitchen unit with door Proper arrangements must be taken in designing the forniture unit, in order to avoid any contact with the bottom of the hob which can be heated when it is operated. The recommended solution is shown in Fig. 8. The panel fitted under the hob should be easily removable to allow an easy access if a technical assistance intervention is needed.
  • Page 20: Guarantee

    European guarantee This appliance is guaranteed by Electrolux in each of the countries listed at the back of this user manual, for the period specified in the appliance guarantee or otherwise by law. If you move from one of these countries to another of the countries listed below the appliance guarantee will move with you subject to the following qualifications: •...

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