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HP 400338-001 - KVM Switch Owner's Manual: Chapter 3 - Basic Operations; Keyboard Control

Console switch.
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Keyboard Control

The following notational conventions appear throughout this chapter to illustrate
commands for operating the Rackmount Console Switch. Whenever you see one
of the symbols listed on the left side of the table, substitute the corresponding
steps or values listed on the right.
Regarding OSD on-screen menu commands, the words 'choose' and 'select'
indicate that a users should highlight the relevant command and press the
enter key.
Basic Operations
Key Sequence or Value
Enter Command Mode:
1. Press and hold down the 'Num Lock' key.
2. Press and release the minus (-) key on the numeric keypad.
3. Release the 'Num Lock' key.
Note: For alternate hot-key sequences, see 'System Control &
Maintenance' later in this chapter.
Press the 'Enter' or 'Return' key. The <Enter> command is used to
execute an instruction and exit from Command Mode.
The numbers on your Rackmount Console Switch are your servers'
addresses. Enter the number for the server you're selecting. For
cascaded systems, enter the port address on the base unit where
the second switch is attached, then a period (.) followed by the
address of the server in your cascaded unit.
Example: A switch is cascaded from port 2 of your base unit.
To access the server at port 3 of this second (cascaded) unit,
enter 2.3.
Press the 'Escape' key. The <ESC> command is used to exit
Command Mode without executing an instruction.



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