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How To Display Faults - Honeywell 6271CV User Manual

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Security System Operation (cont'd)

How to Display Faults

The Display Faults function is used when you see a Not Ready Fault
message and want to determine where the fault is and what type of
fault it is.
To display faults do the following:
1. From the "Home" screen, press the SECURITY button. The "Arming" screen
is displayed.
• Residential systems will not allow you to bypass fire, carbon
monoxide or emergency zones. On commercial systems, a specified
user may be allowed to bypass fire, carbon monoxide and system
zones if the user was enabled by your system installer.
• To bypass zones the system must be disarmed first.
• Limits apply as to how many zones can be bypassed at one time.
These limits are ten zones on residential and five zones on
commercial systems.
2. From the "Arming" screen, press the
DISPLAY FAULTS button. The "Display
Faults" screen is displayed showing a
listing of faulted and/or bypassed zones.
The following symbols may be displayed
on the "Display Faults" screen.
Zone in alarm
Zone has trouble
Zone is faulted
Zone has low battery
Zone is bypassed
3. As applicable, take corrective action
such as closing a window or door to
correct the fault. If the fault cannot be
corrected, you may choose to bypass a
zone by touching the zone to select it and
pressing the BYPASS SELECTED button
or bypass all faulted zones by pressing
the BYPASS ALL button.
The "User Authorization" screen is
displayed with the instructions "To
Bypass Zones, Enter Code".


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