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Carbon Monoxide Protection; User Codes; Extended Functionality; Safe Mode - Honeywell 6271CV User Manual

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System Overview (cont'd)

Carbon Monoxide Protection

The optional carbon monoxide protection portion of your security
system (if used) is always on and will sound an alarm if a carbon
monoxide condition is detected.
Note: If a carbon monoxide detector develops a low battery, a
"Carbon Monoxide Maintenance" message is displayed. To determine
which zone is causing the problem, go to "Display Faults" to
determine which zone has the low battery indication.

User Codes

Each user must be assigned a name with a corresponding 4-digit user
code in order to gain access to various features and functions. Users
for the system are programmed in a central user setup location that
provides the specific questions for authorization level, partition
assignment, and RF button assignment.

Extended Functionality

Extended functions are advanced functions that can be accessed
through a standard alpha keypad or through the console emulation
mode on your TouchCenter touch screen. Refer to your Control Panel
User Guide for these features.

Safe Mode

The TouchCenter contains a Safe Mode of operation. In the rare event
that the TouchCenter cannot successfully communicate in its graphic
mode with the control panel, the Safe Mode is a backup mode that
ensures that you can communicate with your system. In this mode,
the TouchCenter operates much like a standard non-graphic keypad
so that you can control your system until the problem is corrected.
If this situation occurs, the TouchCenter presents you with a message
of "Problems detected. Start Keypad in Safe Mode?" and requests a
"Yes" or "No" response. If you answer with "Yes", the TouchCenter
will go into the Safe Mode. If you answer with "No", the TouchCenter
will try communicating with the panel again. After 3 consecutive
times of receiving no response, the TouchCenter will enter the Safe
Mode automatically.
Note: Use care when providing the "Yes" or "No" response. Touching
the screen outside the prescribed area may cause the background to
come to the front. If this occurs, the Yes/No message that disappeared


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