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Honeywell ADEMCO 6150RF Installation And Setup Manual

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About the ADEMCO 6150RF
The ADEMCO 6150RF Keypad/Transceiver is a combination unit that contains:
An ADEMCO 6150 Fixed Addressable
An ADEMCO 5881M RF Receiver
The ADEMCO 6150RF Keypad/Transceiver may be used on any ADEMCO control panel that supports the
ADEMCO 6150 Keypad.
Features of the 6150RF
Wireless Features
Supports up to 8 wireless keys locally (programmed directly into 6150RF) without occupying any zones
supported by the control panel.
Supports button-type transmitters (ADEMCO 5804, ADEMCO 5804BD) for local operation.
Supports a maximum of 16 transmitters programmed into any ADEMCO 5800 Series-supported control
Provides low-battery indications for the local wireless keys.
Supports wireless keys with Signal Sentry (high-security) (ADEMCO 5804E).
Provides a nominal range of 200' for the RF transmitters (some transmitters have a shorter range).
Supports RF jam detection when the receiver is enabled.
Provides wireless key support for control panels that do not support RF themselves (such as ADEMCO
The following ADEMCO 5800 series transmitters are not intended for use in UL installations: 5802, 5802MN,
5802MN2, 5804, 5804BD, 5804BDV, 5804E, 5804WATCH, 5814, 5816TEMP, 5819, 5819SBRS,
5819SWHS, and 5850.
Programming Features
Provides an Auto Enroll mode for programming of the wireless keys.
Provides a method for deleting a serial number and re-enrolling a new one in its place.
Provides default settings for the functions of the wireless keys.
Additional Features
Can send status signals (Armed, Ready, etc.) to bi-directional units such as ADEMCO 5804BD, ADEMCO
5804BDV and ADEMCO 5827BD.
Can operate the on-board relay in conjunction with the receiver (e.g., to trip a garage door opener).
Note: This particular feature is not intended for UL installations.
Can activate relays programmed into the control panel.
Provides an End User mode to enable/disable local wireless keys (e.g., if a user accidentally loses a wireless
key). See the ADEMCO 6150RF User Guide for this procedure.
Application Guidelines
Use the following guidelines when planning an installation:
Local wireless keys are programmed directly into the 6150RF and may be used regardless of whether the
RF receiver is enabled or disabled.
If using bi-directional devices, be sure to enable the transmitter module in the 6150RF.
If transmitters are programmed into the control panel, be sure to enable the receiver. (Make sure you do not
exceed the number of receivers supported by the control panel.)
If a local wireless key is programmed to arm/disarm or to trigger a relay on the control panel, a user code
must be entered into the 6150RF. This user code must also be programmed into the control panel.
You must set the House ID only if you are using RF keypads and/or bi-directional devices; AND the House
ID Source is the 6150RF (Local).
An ADEMCO 5800TM Transmitter
A normally-open relay output.
K4460-1V4 7/03 Rev. B


Table of Contents

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   Summary of Contents for Honeywell ADEMCO 6150RF

  • Page 1 K4460-1V4 7/03 Rev. B ADEMCO 6150RF Keypad/Transceiver INSTALLATION AND SETUP GUIDE About the ADEMCO 6150RF The ADEMCO 6150RF Keypad/Transceiver is a combination unit that contains: • • An ADEMCO 6150 Fixed Addressable An ADEMCO 5800TM Transmitter Keypad Module • • An ADEMCO 5881M RF Receiver A normally-open relay output.
  • Page 2: Application Guide

    Application Guide Below is a guide that outlines how to program the wireless keys, RF receiver, and the House ID in the ADEMCO 6150RF for your particular installation. ADEMCO Are you using Control Panel RF keys RF receivers RF keypads and/or Program Program House ID...
  • Page 3 6150RF Programming The 6150RF is shipped with pre-programmed default values. Below is a chart showing these values. Later in these instructions are diagrams showing the wireless keys' loops and their default functions. Regardless of which wireless key you use (even if it is one not shown), loops 1-4 are defaulted for all 8 devices as shown. These values may be changed to suit the installation.
  • Page 4 Defaulting the 6150RF To restore the 6150RF to the default values, perform the following steps: Step Action Enter the Program mode by pressing the [1] and [3] keys simultaneously for a few seconds within 30 seconds after applying power. The keypad alternately flashes “00” and two dashes. Press the [9] key.
  • Page 5 Step Action Display Enter [6] (Receiver Enable). Enter [1] to enable, or [0] to disable. Alternately flashes “r-” and Enable the receiver if RF transmitters or wireless keypads are either "1" or "0." programmed into the control. Note: Make sure the number of receivers set for Enable (1) does not exceed the capacity of the control panel.
  • Page 6 Step Action Display Enter [4] (Loop Functions). Enter the loop number (1-4). Flashes "Ln." Note: The 6150RF is shipped with the loop functions pre- Once the loop number is programmed. Perform steps 6 through 10 only if it is necessary entered, alternately flashes to change any of the loop functions.
  • Page 7: Specifications

    Deleting, Replacing, or Editing Wireless Keys Use the following procedure to delete, replace, or change any of the programming for a wireless key. Step Action Display Enter the Program mode by pressing the [1] and [3] keys Alternately flashes "oo" and simultaneously for a few seconds within 30 seconds after applying two dashes.
  • Page 8 The user shall not make any changes or modifications to the equipment unless authorized by the Installation Instructions or User's Manual. Unauthorized changes or modifications could void the user's authority to operate the equipment. 165 Eileen Way, Syosset, New York 11791 Copyright © 2004 Honeywell International Inc. ÊK4460-1V4{Š...

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