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System Overview; Introduction To Your System; Burglary Protection; Partitions - Honeywell 6271CV User Manual

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System Overview

Introduction to Your System

This system offers you burglary protection and may offer fire, carbon
monoxide and emergency protection.
Monitoring is accomplished
with various contact and motion sensors for perimeter and interior
burglary protection, plus the system may have strategically placed
smoke, heat, carbon monoxide or combustion detectors.

Burglary Protection

The burglary protection portion of your system must be turned on or
"armed" before it will sense burglary alarm conditions. Your system
provides three modes of burglary protection: Away, Stay, and Night,
and even allows you to "bypass" selected zones of protection while
leaving the rest of the system armed (e.g. this enables you to arm the
system but leave upper-story windows open.)
The system also provides a Chime mode in all keypads, and Voice
mode in
6271CV only, for alerting users to the opening and
6271V and
closing of doors and windows even while the system is disarmed.


This system may be configured to arm and disarm more than one
area, each as if it had its own control.
These areas are called
partitions. Partitions are used when the user wants to disarm certain
areas while leaving other areas armed, or to limit access to certain
areas to specific individuals.
Each user of the system can be
authorized to operate all or only some partitions, and can be given
different privileges in each.
Information about Partitions is
presented later in this document.


Your system's sensing devices have been assigned to various "zones."
For example, the sensing device on your Entry/Exit door may have
been assigned to zone 01, sensing devices on windows in the master
bedroom to zone 02, and so on. These numbers will appear on the
display, along with an alpha descriptor for that zone (if programmed),
when an alarm or trouble condition occurs.


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